Easy guys against girls game- not too long

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    Hi! So i'm doing a couples show tomorrow night and it's w/ a bunch of people I know and they are not the game type really
    I want to do 1 short type of competition, but nothing overly complicated. Just like taking 1 thing to do and having a guy/girl volunteer do it w/ the food chopper or with something else. But my mind is all blank right now. I don't know why!
    I really like the game where you write down your least favorite kitchen tool and why you hate it- and then replacing it w/ your significant other's name- but I have like 8 couples and I think that's too many, would drag on too long maybe.
    I don't know- i think i'm also just WAY too nervous about this show. My hubby will be there and i know everyone- so that makes it worse i think! My hubby is very supportive and wonderful but we have a very teasing relationship w/ eachother built on sarcasm
    Ahh. So nervous! ha.

    any suggestions?

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    I don't have any personal experience, other than a show I attended once that was couples. We did it "Amazing Race" style....but basically, she had two recipes, and we were split into two teams. The format was a little complicated to explain- she had cards for each team leader to read- they were the recipe instructions. In the mix, were "Commercial" cards...and when the leader got to that card, she blew the whistle. The consultant gave her product-commercial or booking seed, etc (I don't remember what she said actually). Then when she was done, we'd move on. There was also a "Switch Recipes" moment- I think the Consultant announced that randomly....

    Basic idea was to prepare a recipe and the first team done would win. It's a great interactive product-game, and really worked out well for the large group we had (probably about as many as you are expecting), and good for Guys to not feel like they were at a "Girly" party.

    It definitely takes the focus off of YOU.

    Here is one that is very similar to what we did...sounds like fun actually! There are a few other formats- just search for "Amazing Race" in the files.
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    What if you had the girl slice a potato with the mandoline and a guy slice a potato with a knife?

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