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    Here is an example of my host letter if anyone would like to use it
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    The content is good but frankly it is very difficult to read--can you change the font?

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    i tried but it is staying the same when i put it on here. you can "select all" and then change the font to you preference...hope this helps
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    Thank you!

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    This is the letter I use. I tried to upload it but I got "invalid file" notice. Perhaps because I use Pages on a Mac? I used to print with each paragraph a different color ink so that they stood out. I now use bright yellow paper and black ink.

    Thank you for hosting a Pampered Chef Cooking Show!

    This hostess kit contains the ingredients to make your show a success:
    catalogs, outside order forms, etc.

    Overinvite! If you invite 40 people, 20 will respond, and sometimes only about 10 will attend.
    Remember, no one is offended if they are invited, but many are offended if they are left out.
    You can also post your party information on Facebook, and direct your friends to my website.


    The higher your show sales, the more FREE, ˝ PRICE AND DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS YOU WILL RECEIVE!

    Collect outside orders from anyone who can’t attend. Or, they can order on my website,
    entering “Susie Homemaker” as the host.
    I accept cash, debit/credit cards, and checks. Checks should be made out to
    NANCY DALY (NOT Pampered Chef)

    Please go to my web site and click on “for our hosts.” Your special password is EPE4T.
    You will find tons of information to help you have a successful party.

    For your convenience, I will purchase the groceries needed for the demonstration,
    and you can reimburse me later.
    But, if your show is $500 or more,
    the groceries are on me!

    I am looking forward to working with you so that you can have a very successful show!
    Please call me if you have any questions.
    We are a team!

    Nancy Daly
    Independent Senior Consultant for The Pampered Chef
    (631) 555-7309
    Welcome To My Personal Web Site

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    Quote Quote by Nanisu View Post
    The content is good but frankly it is very difficult to read--can you change the font?
    When I open it, Word says the name of the font is "Andy MT" but said font is not installed on this PC, and it looks like it defaults to Brush Script. I looked up "Andy" and it looks like a cute font, and I think I might have a similar one at home.

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