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Facebook invite wording

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    My host asked me for some wording to use on her Facebook event to help either get people to the party or to order online. All of my hosts usually set up their own Facebook event and never involve me in on it.

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    This is how one of my hosts worded her FB event invite last March:

    I have been wanting to have a Pampered Chef party for awhile and have finally decided to go for it! Some of you will know our consultant, Peggy McCormack, so come on over and support her in her first kitchen show! Would love to see everyone, but if you can't make it and are interested in looking at a catalog, let me know and I will figure out how to make that happen!

    Looks like you can browse the catalog there, then chose items and search for the hostess...which would be me! I'll let you know as I have more information.

    Would love to see everyone! And kids, husbands and friends are welcome, just try to let me know if you are coming by Thursday, March 8 so I have time to shop!!

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    Come taste the fun at our Pampered Chef party. Just like the food network, but better you get to try the food. What could be better than shopping and eating with friends? Bring a friend for added fun and get a free gift.
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