New Year's Day open house - suggestions for bringing in PC!

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    My husband and I are planning an open house on New Year's Day. We have been talking about it for a few months, planning a very casual, drop in and drop out event. We plan on inviting everyone we know (neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, the works) and serve a crockpot of chili with lots of toppings, cornbread, my mom's carrot-raisin salad (she always serves it with chili!), and brownies.

    I haven't had a PC grand opening and won't have a chance before the holidays, so I was thinking of making it my grand opening, maybe a mystery host party. But I want it to stay a very casual affair and I don't want our friends and neighbors to think we're only inviting them over to sell them stuff. How can I make an invitation that is PC friendly but also a "no pressure, come even if you don't want to buy stuff!" event? I don't want to do a demo and really want it to be more about the socializing than Pampered Chef.

    And do you have any great ideas for using PC products or recipes for making chili, cornbread, and brownies? Other suggestions of things to serve with this menu? We'll have beer and lemonade to drink, so I can use the Quick-Stir pitcher.

    How would you plan this event?

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    Serve everything on SA that you have. For brownies the warm caramel nutty brownies on CC are awesome!! You make them in the large pan

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    I am wanting to do the same thing.. I hope you get some good suggestions..

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