Discontinued products?

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    Found this file on here and tried to make an order through PP3, but these products #'s didn't come up with a price? Is there a certain time frame that they will be available? Also, I put them under a host name, not my own.
    Thanks in advance for any response.


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    which file? I'm not sure which products you are talking about...

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    My guess is that they are products from the Spring/Summer 2007 catalog that were only available until the 31st of August. But since there are a few discontinued product documents under the FILES section, I'm not sure which products you are refering to. It could also be that they are OUTLET products which can only be ordered through consultants corner. GO under MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS and the down to SAMPLES AND SUPPLIES, and then you'll get to the outlet section.

    Good luck!

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    We will find out what products are being dicontinued in Jan after leadership. The file you are trying to pull up is old.

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