No Self Promotion Please!

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    Per our guidelines- please no self promotion.

    This includes advertising meetings for people to check PC out in your area, posts asking for lurkers to contact you about PC. Anything like that. I do realize we do have some visitors thinking about the opportunity but they should contact you by email or private message only.

    Other Business Guidelines- this includes any other direct sales companys or any other businesses you or others have on the side. If you have or would like to recommend a business which you feel would benefit our members please email me ahead of time for authorization before you make your post. As always Chef Success does not offer any liability to those who choose to do business with those businesses.

    Signatures are exempt from these promotion rules if the promotion does not deal with recruitment.

    This website is for PC consultants and let's keep our posts directed to that purpose.
    Thanks for your cooporation.
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