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Pampered Chef Thread: PC on Resume

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    Default PC on Resume

    I need help with this. I want to add Pampered Chef to my resume. What should I put as some of my "duties." I am finding a lot of the jobs that i am applying for require sales experience and I have that with pc so I want to include it.


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    List yourself as "Business owner" with responsibilities including: Made sales presentations to small groups; maintained customer database; communicated frequently with customers electronically, on the phone and in person.

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    This is what I put:

    ENTREPRENEUR AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, Twin Cities, Minnesota March 2006-Present
    Pampered Chef - Independent Future Director and Sales Trainer
    • Attract, retain and recruit active team members to build a growing business
    • Present live cooking demonstrations to clients
    • Design marketing materials to generate new business
    Alison Spannaus
    The Serve It Up Squad served me with $100 in business supplies... Yay!

    3-4 shows per month
    Touch my business regularly

    Paige, you will forever be in my thoughts and prayers until you return home!

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    This is what is listed on my "long" form resume:

    Pampered Chef Sept. 2003 - present
    Independent Pampered Chef Consultant, Sept. ’03, ’04, ’05, ‘06
    Teaching families the importance of mealtime and how to prepare nutritious meals in 30 minutes or less.
    Provide personal customer service
    Conduct cooking classes
    Attend monthly sales meetings
    Update product lists and merchandise
    Recruit and develop other consultants
    Order direct mail pieces, flyers, paperwork, and equipment for business
    Direct Sales Manager
    Actively sell kitchen items direct to consumers through in-home presentations, catalogs and internet
    Develop relationships with hosts and guest for future bookings and sales
    National Conference July 2005, July 2006, July 2007

    --Jenny L

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    If you are using PC for sales experience ( I was a regional sales manager for an insurance company before becoming a stay at home mom) you need to deomstrate your sales experience in terms of solid numbers:

    Recruited and trained X number of independent sales consultants
    Maintained a $X monthly sales average

    companies wants to see what you can bring to them in terms of $$

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    Thank you all for your help!!!

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