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  1. Staying Active
  2. How the promoting structure works
  3. Where to find recruit info on new web?
  4. ISO Commision Statement to Show guests
  5. Recruiting Call
  6. Recruiting Packets
  7. Credit for recruits
  8. Re-signing a past consultant/team mate
  9. Looking for a Launching my business type invitation...
  10. Bad but good!
  11. Minimum Age
  12. ISO: July 30 Day Challenge Flyer
  13. July Recruiting Special
  14. Looking for hospitality by Daleville, VA
  15. Great Recruiting Blip
  16. Have You Been Getting The Ole' Pyramid Scheme Q Lately?
  17. First Recruit
  18. Can I recruit my husband?
  19. Dream Job
  20. May 30 Day Challenge
  21. I am getting soooo close to Directorship!
  22. What is the oddest way you got a new recruit?
  23. ISO 30 Day Challenge Flyer April
  24. Possible Recruit - Only Day Show?
  25. Recruiting Aprons Flyer
  26. Why Being a Pampered Chef is so great!
  27. Recruiting Bonus
  28. I like these benefits
  29. Help Wanted
  30. ISO 30 day Challege Flyer for March 2013
  31. How did you meet your last recruit?
  32. Urgent Recruit w/o PWS?
  33. Signing up in March versus April
  34. Who recruited in January?
  35. Feb/March Recruiting specials
  36. Recruiting Motivation Messages
  37. Babysitting issue for prospective recruit
  38. Getting started checklist
  39. New Consultant TO DO FIRST list
  40. Urgent Recruit from July
  41. Recruting Teams v. Individuals
  42. Apprehensive recruit
  43. "Re-activating" consultants and PP3
  44. Rant New Special
  45. Recruiting questions
  46. Recruiting flyer- "Questions you may have"
  47. New Recruit Letter
  48. Kit Split on 2 C/C
  49. Flyer for 30 60 & 90 days
  50. My new recruits Grand Opening
  51. To Expensive
  52. Possible recruit on public assistance
  53. Couple of Recruiting Questions
  54. If my recruiter lost her career sales, has she lost ME?
  55. 30 Day Challenge for August
  56. Label for recruiting materials
  57. What does "qualify" really means?
  58. August recruiting
  59. Mini Kit info
  60. 30 Day Challenge for July?
  61. New Recruit with Wrong Date
  62. Recruiting objection - cooking in someone else's kitchen
  63. July Recruit
  64. Pdf doc of 2 kits
  65. Mystery recruit?
  66. Double trip points!
  67. New Consultant/New Web Question
  68. June 2012 30 day Challenge Flyer
  69. Extension on excellence awards
  70. June New Consultants
  71. Kit Credit Question
  72. May recruiting flier
  73. Potential out-of-town recruit
  74. My first recruit!!
  75. Recruiting Flyer
  76. How do I know when a recruit signs?
  77. Recruit say wha?
  78. Stop Recruiting And Start Making Friends!
  79. What to do when people are interested but have family issues going on
  80. Recruited my last host last weekend! Wahoo! That makes two recruits
  81. Has anyone gotten their April newsletter in the mail yet?
  82. 2 potential recruits. I'm still a "newbie" needing help!
  83. Feb. recruiting promo notification
  84. My first recruit has her open house
  85. Person interested asked can they sell PC and Tupperware??
  86. Stealing Hearts Game
  87. Tell Me About Teams
  88. Re-appearance of inactive consultant
  89. Renewal Recruit Question
  90. March 30 day challenge file?
  91. Give my recruit my bookings?
  92. March signing bonus?
  93. When does the "30" days start for a new consultant
  94. Why can't orders be accepted until qualified
  95. Hospitality in El Paso TX
  96. Possible new recruit...
  97. Few more questions..-Doesn't have a bank account
  98. Someone just signed up and has 2 questions
  99. Recruiting Incentives
  100. Recruit status
  101. FYI- no more P3 in new consultant kit!
  102. Personal Use Consultant
  103. Disability question
  104. Consultant didnt submit jan
  105. Urgent What do you say?
  106. Irresistible Destinations Fliers???
  107. When should she sign?
  108. Does anyone know of the "Gail Shendelman recruiting video"on YouTube?
  109. Change over dates for new kit?
  110. Recruting Mini Fyler
  111. Recruiting help
  112. So Disappointed!
  113. What kind of recruiting training would you be interested in?
  114. New Recruiting Promo?
  115. Opportunity flier
  116. How Did I Miss The December Sign On Bonus
  117. Gift Card Promo for Late Signers (Snowstorm Extension)
  118. Get the More You're Looking For!
  119. I'm a New Director!
  120. New Recruit Promotion?
  121. Status has not changed.
  122. My 1st Recruit is AWESOME!!
  123. Advertising in newsletters and papers
  124. I'm so excited!!!
  125. Gift Card List
  126. Recruit Packets
  127. Question on Reports
  128. Comparing Home Based Businesses
  129. 2 Kit Nappers in 1st 30 days
  130. First recruit - question
  131. $25 re-sign for past consultants this week?
  132. First New Recruit
  133. Phone Call About 50% Kit Rebate
  134. New Consultant requirements?
  135. 1/2 price kit
  136. "New Apron" Intro
  137. Politics Need hospitality
  138. New Kit Sticker
  139. Why bag idea
  140. New PC "More" Video on .com website
  141. I have a lady that is wanting to sign up to sell PC, but she is
  142. You Go, CK!
  143. October new consultant bonus?
  144. Trying to get a new recruit motivated
  145. Looking for a flyer
  146. 30 Day Challenge Flyer
  147. Pdf of new and mini kit?
  148. Sept recruiting info
  149. The Knife Block Set Helped
  150. Wanted to toot my own horn!!
  151. Hot recruit lead-No Computer
  152. Kit shipping
  153. Call from Nicole Garcia
  154. Ideas for raising money to purchase a kit?
  155. Extra points
  156. Job Fair: Is it worth it?
  157. Anybody have the "Going Places" pdf saved?
  158. $80 kit question
  159. GC to purchase Kit?
  160. First recruiting interview tomorrow!
  161. "The Five Biggest Sponsoring Mistakes"
  162. Potential Recruit H.O. call tonight
  163. Facebook friend
  164. Need guidance with recruiting!
  165. Recruiting overseas
  166. 1st Recipe Night tonight!!!
  167. Kick Off Show ??
  168. New Consultant Rewards?
  169. Host turned consultant flyer?
  170. Help!! New Recruit but Unsupportive Husband???
  171. What's In It For Me? flyer
  172. Repurchasing a kit
  173. Kit Credit/New Recruit Question
  174. Belinda Ellsworth? Worth going to see live?
  175. Do you think this is accurate?
  176. Staycation rewards
  177. I created labels to make using the Join Us Booklet even easier!
  178. My boyfriend wants to join!
  179. I recruited... my mother
  180. Recruiting Blitz/Recipe Night
  181. Opportunity call tonight??
  182. Recruiting packets
  183. New Cons Kit changed for Fall?
  184. Potential Recruit Bad Exp. w/Mary Kay
  185. Kit Credit Expire?
  186. Who wants to sign me up?
  187. How do you recruit?
  188. Why Now Is Prime Time for Direct Selling
  189. Recruit that just wants the Kit, what do I do
  190. Issue Submitting Agreement
  191. My first POTENTIAL recruits!
  192. Conference Call with Sharon Zelen
  193. New june 2011 recuit promo attached
  194. Pampered Chef v. Thirty One
  195. Gas card incentive for April
  196. Past hosts turned new consultant- benefits question
  197. Looking For Instructions For Marna Ross Card Game!
  198. June recruiting incentive
  199. Personal Incentives??
  200. New recruit
  201. 2nd Recruit!
  202. Sampling of the PC
  203. Yay but I need to do it again and again.....
  204. Anyone up for a 3-2-1 Challenge?
  205. May Recruiting promotion?
  206. I totally vomitted...
  207. Rant Is this supposed to be funny?
  208. Recruiting Insert for Invitations
  209. Host is losing her job.....
  210. To sign or recruit.
  211. Urgent How are you using the new products to recruit?
  212. Thanks to my car PC decal I just may have a new consultant!
  213. Is there a "Think About it" file for Recruiting??
  214. 1st potential recruit.. idk what to give her, etc
  215. Excited about my Second Recruit
  216. Recruiting post on Facebook
  217. Qualifying Consultant
  218. April Promotion! Yay!
  219. My first recruit!
  220. Statistic used at 2010 Conference ?
  221. Question for those with multiple recruits in a month
  222. When do your recruits appear on Consultant Corner?
  223. What a phone call!!!
  224. What am I doing wrong?
  225. MALE consultants
  226. Why I believe in doing the kick off show
  227. Yay but maybe Nay! Sorry long!
  228. How would you respond to this email?
  229. March rebate with $40 show credit.
  230. April promotion recruiting??
  231. Potential Husband & Wife team?
  232. College Recruiting Flyer
  233. Have I Missed the Deadline for Cookware
  234. Job fairs
  235. There is a new consultant that signed up under someone who isn't
  236. Urgent Want to sign, but getting concerned.
  237. What IS In Your Why Bag!
  238. March Recruiting Incentive
  239. Successful Recruiters...Chime in!
  240. Age Requirement
  241. Help ASAP!
  242. So aggrivated right now..........
  243. Hospitality in Washington
  244. Signed my very first recruit today!!!
  245. Possible recruit in Angel Fire, NM. Anyone in the area?
  246. Do we still get PC$ for recruits?
  247. Catalog shows only
  248. So I've probably lost a March show......
  249. #1 - wahoo!
  250. What to give a prospective host
  251. Should I call her again?
  252. Recruits Want to Sign - No Babysitters - Looking for Solutions
  253. New consultant products
  254. Hospitality in or close to Colorado Springs, CO?
  255. Charter Host Gift flyer?
  256. Changeover Kit Active/Inactive status?
  257. New Consultant Rewards
  258. Phone interview
  259. VM message to leave for potential recruit-been a while
  260. Need Input from Former MK Consultants
  261. Supply booster in kit
  262. Excited and scared (sorry a little long :))
  263. What to send my potential recruit?
  264. New Recruit
  265. Looking for hospitality director in mo
  266. Changeover date for new recruits
  267. Recruiting someone on a Military Base?
  268. Hospitality Group in Monroe, LA?
  269. Recuriting Packet?
  270. Anyone near zip 08530??
  271. Personal Potential recruit who just wants products for herself?
  272. PC dollars for recruits
  273. Looking for a consultant near Buffalo,NY
  274. Could it be!?
  275. Any consultants here near Larose, LA?
  276. Yay I finally have a recruit!
  277. Uncooperative host/potential recruit
  278. Does anyone want to recruit me??
  279. Couple Questions
  280. Kick off show flyer
  281. What do you do with a new recruit that lives several states away and
  282. January Promo?
  283. December promotion
  284. I still got points for my recruit!
  285. New consultant may not qualify...?
  286. Urgent HELP, I may sign my first recruit
  287. Recruit question and a tip!
  288. Wahoo Club
  289. Recruiting flyer
  290. HOW do I recruit a Spanish lady?
  291. Show questions
  292. Considering Being a PC Consultant Need Help
  293. Question about Consultant Connection
  294. Anybody expecting a November promo?
  295. Mini kit
  296. Director Question
  297. Now Hiring Billboard for Catalog Tote
  298. Info for recruits
  299. Mini Kit flyer
  300. Signed Anniversary Cookbook...
  301. Help today!! Recruit not showing up
  302. Signed a new consultant
  303. How to Help my consultant succeed and qualify in 30 days
  304. Kit Credit question...
  305. Signing First Recruit
  306. New objection... uneasy going into people's homes (strangers)
  307. Signing 4 consultants this weekend!
  308. PC GIVING AWAY 7 businesses FREE!
  309. 5 question game - Funny questions!
  310. Fingers crossed!!
  311. Consultant as Host
  312. 50% Rebate for Recruits
  313. Starter office supplies for new consultant
  314. New Recruit Info Packet
  315. Logo wear incentive
  316. Holiday Recruiting Recipe Postcard
  317. What would you do...2 people working on same recruit.
  318. New recuit
  319. Recruiting interview with more than 1?
  320. I did the ticket game for the first time last night!
  321. Possible Recruit
  322. Potential recruit has never been to a PC party before
  323. Yeah! I signed another recuit!
  324. Have a very possiive recruit lead
  325. Yay! Signed another recruit!!
  326. Booking Benefit avail for Grand Opening?
  327. Wahoo!! Tooting away!!
  328. Recruit Lead Questions...
  329. Recruit lead and hospitality
  330. Tooting my horn & my recruits!
  331. I may have my very first recruit!
  332. How did I miss this incentive?
  333. Wahoo woman dvd
  334. Incentive Now Retro-Active to Sept. 1!
  335. What an amazing opportunity!
  336. Wahoo- Words from Destination Director Worked!
  337. New Recruiting Incentives 9/15 - 10/31 !
  338. Double Digit Recruiting Audio
  339. Recruiting question
  340. Getting my first recruit!
  341. Looking for a form
  342. Question about Ethics...
  343. My recruiter asked if she could have my recruit.
  344. Deciding if I should become a consultant - need your help!
  345. New Consultant Notification
  346. October Signing Incentive
  347. Why cross-recruiting is a no-no
  348. Help me "seal the deal" with a recruit!
  349. Kick Off Show
  350. Another recruit lead
  351. What Was Your Reason For Joining PC? How Were You Approached?
  352. New recruit!
  353. First New Consultant
  354. Recruiting hosts
  355. YAY Meeting tomorrow morning!! (Yikes!)
  356. New prospect with a new baby almost here...
  357. Benefits of qualifying in first 30 days...
  358. New Consultant Kits
  359. Can i shout out mad props to my recruiter?
  360. New consultant letter from US as recruiters?
  361. Possible recruit who doesnt drive
  362. Ticket game
  363. 1st 30 days question
  364. Anyone have a letter for consultants about to be dropped?
  365. Anyone have a new Agreement Form?
  366. "Join us and be Rewarded" Promo Product List
  367. No More Kit Credit?
  368. Soon to be consultant
  369. My Director is not calling me back!
  370. My first recruit is ready to order her kit. I need help, please
  371. Anyone done the "Why Bag"?
  372. Britain recruit/customer?
  373. The new workbook for recruits
  374. They always slip away!
  375. Catalog Show Only Recruit....
  376. Need help with possible new recruit!
  377. Mini kit vs. full kit....
  378. Who's going to Director Express in Acworth, GA on July 31st
  379. Recruit Prospect Letter
  380. NEED Advice on what to say??
  381. Mini-Kit info & flyer?
  382. Picture of mini kit?
  383. Looking for a guy's perspective, but ladies welcomed...
  384. Kit Credit Coupon - Don't Understand?
  385. "Recruiting Leads From Every Show" Suzanne Paulsen & Becca Wunderlich
  386. Rant! Ignorant mother!
  387. Prayers please! :)
  388. Help...My friend is moving....
  389. Ways to use the free consultant agreements
  390. Sampling Pampered Chef
  391. HO recruit lead
  392. Potential recruit question
  393. Recruit after recruiter has inactive month?
  394. Pampered Chef versus other DSAs
  395. Interesting June Recruiting Promo
  396. Kit Product Cards?
  397. First possible recruit...need advice
  398. New recruits first recruit
  399. Recruiter is MIA
  400. Urgent New recruits going inactive!
  401. Group interviewing
  402. Wonder if...
  403. My recruiter is no longer selling
  404. Anyway to email recruiting brochure
  405. How long?
  406. Can two people sign up together?
  407. Dont know how to feel?
  408. Does PC still offer the Mini Kit?
  409. So, what do I say...
  410. Recruit is asking...
  411. Has anyone ever purchased this course??It sounds too good to be
  412. 3 recruits and a ticked host!
  413. When you believe...
  414. Spanish Language Recruiting Brochure?
  415. How fast did/can you move up?
  416. Host does entire show without me!
  417. Recruit Signed with someone else!!
  418. Amazing...thirtyonegifts.com Has the same Recruiting Picture
  419. Doing Cooking Show For New Recruit
  420. As a new consultant you wish you had been trained on ???
  421. Tips for long distance recruiting?
  422. Recruiting Packet
  423. 1st Recruit!
  424. Next Month's Sighning Bonus?
  425. Just had to share my good news. After three years, recruiting is
  426. When does new recruit info show up?
  427. Spring Launch Recruiting Incentive
  428. Signing my 4th recruit today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  429. 1st Recruit! Now what?
  430. Consultant Agreement Form vs Signup on Website
  431. What is the difference between PC and TS?
  432. RED FLAG questions/answers
  433. Kit Rebate - how paid?
  434. A few more questions
  435. When should I start?
  436. My first 30 days as consultant ends tomorrow.
  437. Chef Success as signing gift!
  438. Recruit not qualifying
  439. For Those Who Actively Recruit
  440. Outdoor Promotion--What did you get?
  441. Bonus Recruiting Pts from Spring Mtg?
  442. Was my recruiter being tacky?
  443. New incentive! 3/15- 4/30
  444. Rant She signed with Tupperware, ugh!
  445. Need help (my) potential new recruit in brentwood, ca
  446. Directors & Above who work FT
  447. Humor The Amazing Outdoors Recruiting Promotion
  448. Canadians on a work visa?
  449. 2nd recruit in 3 days!!
  450. Don't know how!
  451. Urgent Huge Recruiting Oops!
  452. Brag: 3 recruits in 6 days!
  453. I'm looking for a consultant to sign under.
  454. Just came home from signing
  455. Recruit etiquette
  456. WARNING: Overuse of exclamation points ahead....My first recruit
  457. My first recruiting interview...
  458. Booth At A Job Expo
  459. I need a response for a potential recruit
  460. How to respond to a comment someone made
  461. Urgent 2 recruits in 1 wk!! What now?
  462. Need a DS company comparison
  463. Recruits coming to me!
  464. Possible Recruit Worried about Money
  465. Possible 1st recruit, help me with our interview!
  466. Possible recruit, need suggestions
  467. Are there any directors in the Savannah, GA area?
  468. I need a Recruit in Baltimore!!!!!
  469. Question about being active.....
  470. A newbie signing before qualifying?
  471. 1st recruit Grand opening
  472. 8 Recruits in 8 Weeks
  473. Recruits for the incentive trip- do they have to be active?
  474. March Recruiting Promo
  475. Signed my first recruit!!!
  476. So close!
  477. Director Express city locations?
  478. Rolling Recruit contact list
  479. 1st recruit?
  480. Recruiting info for former consultant possible new recruit
  481. Recruiting Interview questions needed
  482. Invite for opportunity event...
  483. Looking to become director by the end of March!! HELP!!
  484. New Recruit ?
  485. Getting ready to sign my frist recruit!
  486. 4th month 40% off perk
  487. First recruit whoo hoo
  488. 1st Recruit Ever!!!
  489. 1st recruit of the year?
  490. 50% kit rebate question
  491. Possible #2 signing
  492. B&W recruiting flyers?
  493. Opportunity email
  494. Urgent Possible Male Recruit wanting to Speak with Male Consultant
  495. Someone clicked the "opportunity" link on my newsletter!
  496. Down from TL to Consultant and Frustrated!
  497. I'm scared of the 5 question game!!!
  498. I just got a packet of new recruiting brochures with the 1/2 price
  499. Recruiting Ideas??
  500. I promoted!!!!!
  501. Looking for Hospitality Director
  502. Got my first recruit!!!! SWEET!!!
  503. Recruiting in Dec
  504. Lost For Words
  505. Team addresses
  506. Consultant on overseas military base?
  507. Looking to sign up under someone close to Bvtn, Aloha, Hillsboro OR
  508. Kit napper ...
  509. How to get her to sign now?
  510. Back in business!
  511. Just signed...
  512. Insert to go with Recruiting booklet
  513. Interesting Recruiting Situation
  514. Pampered Chef in Ireland?
  515. December Recruiting Promotion?
  516. Recruiting Ad In Parent's Magazine
  517. My 1st recruit just Qualified!!!
  518. Woohooo!! Recruit number FOUR!!
  519. I just signed a very motivated recruit. I'm very excited for her. She
  520. Help me get them qualified!!
  521. Yeah for me!
  522. I've never heard this objection before
  523. 2 Recruits this week!!
  524. Help wanted flyer/sign for fair
  525. Urgent What to put into a recruiting packet
  526. New Recruit
  527. Mixed feelings about recruiting
  528. Help Motivate New Recruit!!!
  529. Recruting Hard, but NO ROI
  530. Recruiting Hard but ROI
  531. HELP! I need advice, and quick!
  532. Need advice - Say no to a recruit lead?
  533. Recruiting a previous consultant
  534. 3rd Recruit! :D
  535. Recruiting wording
  536. Just recruited...
  537. Power of One- New Spring Product
  538. Received my Recruiting stuff!
  539. 1st request for more info
  540. Recruiting Family Members?
  541. Does anyone know if we'll have any recruit incentives in nov. or dec.?
  542. Attention Morgantown, WV consultants
  543. Well, this year has been quite busy. We bought a house, got married,
  544. Potential recruit-husband not in favour
  545. I am SOOO close to qualifying and VERY excited! :love:My question is
  546. Stadium Blanket & Thermos
  547. Showing up on consultant connection
  548. My very first Recruit
  549. Qualifying in 30 days
  550. Recruiting people on unemployment?
  551. My new Consultant's First Show...
  552. Qualification question.....
  553. Only in California, LOL--what do I say?
  554. Inactive Consultant Might Be My New Recruit
  555. Being Positive
  556. Signing a former consultant
  557. Visa gift card recruiting promotion
  558. What do you say? "Saturated market"
  559. New recruit hasn't done anything
  560. I'm so EXCITED!!! I got paid as Director!
  561. Prospect- Kosher and no car
  562. Vent: Recruit has bailed
  563. Help me with the wording for an email to a potential recruit referral!
  564. Wow...what a great message! What info do I give now?
  565. HELP! potential recruit lives in Michigan
  566. Recruiting Ethics??
  567. Signed newest team member tonight...
  568. Inactive consultants removed?
  569. 2nd recuit meeting
  570. My 1st RECRUIT!
  571. Longerberger VS PC
  572. Opportunity night
  573. Promoted to Director!!
  574. Recruit Contract Expiration in Sept
  575. 18 year old recruit lead
  576. Kit Credit Question
  577. Help! i have a possible recruit coming over tomorrow. my director is
  578. Does it matter if I have expiration date?
  579. Urgent How would you respond
  580. What do I do/say?
  581. Recruiting Special Flyer
  582. Kit or Mini-Kit?
  583. Getting a new recruit! What do I need?
  584. Referral for a recruit?
  585. New Consultant Kit - photo
  586. Finally after 3 years
  587. September Recruit Flyer?
  588. Another recruit signed yesterday!
  589. Opportunity night
  590. Is there REALLY no Sept recruiting special?
  591. Getting Shows
  592. So, I've got to ask...
  593. Own Show - Host Name
  594. I just signed up three people today!!! Just had to share. :balloon:
  595. Need advice on recruit
  596. Is it a bad sign when
  597. Dropped Cake Recruit Lead
  598. Staying In Contact...
  599. Words For Booking/Recruiting Slide????
  600. VISA Card for New Recruits
  601. I only need 1 more recruit!!!!
  602. Being a good director
  603. How to help new consultant?
  604. New Consultant doesn't have a computer- Need advice
  605. ARGH!!! Just a little vent...
  606. OMG...I just recruited a THIRD person this month!!!!
  607. I need to know more about the Health Insurance
  608. Tastefully Simple - new program Sept 1st?
  609. Grand Opening
  610. Kit coupon for mini kit?
  611. Recruit Leads don't drive
  612. No RECRUITS
  613. Splitting Commission with Recruit
  614. Job Fair Opportunity in Houston
  615. Show Intro - critiques please
  616. Local news channel featured PC as a business
  617. My first recruit signed today!
  618. Just signed a recruit...& they have a recruit...??
  619. When to recruit
  620. 4th Recruit on the way!!
  621. I signed my first recruit!
  622. Just signed my 3rd recruit! Woohoo!
  623. I'm a home office recruit with a question
  624. New Recruit Paperwork
  625. Help with email reminder...
  626. How do I get her to sign
  627. WAHOOOOO 1st Recruits
  628. What info to give a potential recruit?
  629. Not providing a SSN/ITIN # on agreement
  630. Recruit lead does not have a computer
  631. Recruiting conflict
  632. July-Aug Recruiting Flyer- half-page
  633. Unemployment & PC
  634. How would you handle this? (long)
  635. I'm off...
  636. What's up with the incentives tracker?
  637. New Consultant website
  638. Recruit Benefits
  639. Recruiting Busniess Card
  640. How to from Maby to yes?
  641. Opportunity Sticker
  642. Question about new consultant kit before 9/1
  643. Consultants who sign b/w now and 9/1....
  644. New Consultant kit
  645. Tip From Conference Worked!
  646. Does anyone use recruiting slide AND bookings slide @ their shows?
  647. Just signed another!!!
  648. Mini Kit Questions...
  649. Signed 2 Today
  650. "Qualifield recruit"
  651. Host/recruit lead filling out a job app. tonight elsewhere
  652. Change over kits
  653. Unemployment benefits & Pampered Chef
  654. Saturday's Host signed!
  655. Chamber of Commerce
  656. Recruiting Flyer at College?
  657. Did I do the right thing?
  658. Recruiting special in July after conference
  659. Am I loosing this recruit lead?
  660. Opportunity Slide Help Needed
  661. I have a good friend debating between selling Pampered Chef and
  662. Incentive calculator not updating
  663. How long does it take to get the kit
  664. Rant This would be cool if allowed....but...NOT!
  665. Kit credit question
  666. Need Hospitality for Hiawatha Kansas
  667. Recruiting Expo A Bust
  668. Mini Kit Available until December 31st!
  669. Stealing a recruit?
  670. Urgent Kit sent to the wrong address!! Now what?
  671. Woo hooo!!!
  672. Very, very, very excited...
  673. Thank you--whoever you are!
  674. Need Help With A Name For Recruiting Expo
  675. Kit credit
  676. Home Office Lead
  677. Hospitality Needed in Columbia, MO
  678. Recruiting Slide
  679. Young 18 possible recruit
  680. A mental debate
  681. Urgent Need recruiting help ASAP!
  682. Membership drive...need your ideas
  683. Calling All PC Veterans! How has PC changed over the years?
  684. Invite Comments?
  685. Celebrating my 15th year anniversary with PC today and signed a new
  686. No computer
  687. Searching for a specific consultant on PC CC
  688. Qualifying recruit question?
  689. #2!!! Yippee!
  690. Kit Credit code, Where?
  691. Potential Recruit - Different State
  692. Recruiting Bonus
  693. Kit/Mini-Kit - shipping or tax?
  694. What reading material do you give to a potential recriut?
  695. Open House
  696. Second dumb question of the day
  697. Assistance needed with recruiting
  698. Another person
  699. Supporting our new recruits
  700. I think my head is going to blow up
  701. Mini Kit
  702. May Recruit Flyer
  703. New Recruit-Doesn't want to start until middle of May
  704. Possible new recruit
  705. 2nd Recruit!!!!
  706. To DVD or not DVD?
  707. Urgent Need Help! Potential Recruit - Spanish Speaker
  708. Income potential?
  709. Urgent Potential recruit 1000 miles away!!!
  710. How can I encourage my new recruit without being too pushy?
  711. HO lead
  712. Urgent Long distance recruiting
  713. Possible recruit with out internet access?
  714. How old ..
  715. Potential recruit with LOTS of questions
  716. Has anyone heard of Entertaining at home?
  717. Do you give your new recruits anything after they sign?
  718. ? about recruiting prior to April1
  719. Lead Email
  720. Is there a new consultant agreement?
  721. Interviewing a new recruit
  722. You never know
  723. Urgent Travel rewards- question?
  724. How many?
  725. Urgent Career opportunity fair?
  726. Step up to director
  727. Recruiting in bulk
  728. Uplines ...
  729. Team Recruit/Insurance Question
  730. Do we still get....
  731. New Director Academy
  732. New recruit
  733. Urgent Does anyone have a potential recruit letter they use?
  734. Mini kit Deal or No Deal flyer
  735. Why can't people be honest?
  736. Future recruit's letter
  737. Mini Kit Contents
  738. I completed my first recruiting interview!
  739. Press Releases
  740. Your Story..
  741. New Status
  742. Job Fair structure...
  743. I just built a team in 2 days!
  744. Revised the kit pics for a recruit friendly flyer...
  745. Morfia's April Breakdown--
  746. Double Recruiting Points in April!
  747. New Recruiting Promo in CN-April! Help!
  748. Recruiting Interview
  749. Does anyone know....?
  750. Now what do I say?
  751. Do you think they'll do a regular Recruiting Promotion for April?
  752. Kit credit and signing by the 31st
  753. I just can't believe this!!
  754. I am so excited, I just got my second recruit!!!! I am now a Team
  755. Recruiting Info to be left unattended??
  756. I love this layout
  757. New Consultant Mini Kit priced at $65!
  758. WOW- New Mini Kit OFFER!
  759. Word cloud t-shirt
  760. Upset with my recruiter
  761. HO Contact?
  762. Urgent Get to know you "game"???
  763. Pampered Chef vs. Tupperware
  764. Job fair...
  765. WahOO!! and looking for experienced guidance...
  766. Name tags no more??
  767. Urgent What do you say...
  768. Lokin for Director in Orange County,CA/LongBeach
  769. I will be a Team Leader April 1st!
  770. I have a potential in zip code......
  771. Male consultants
  772. Team Recruit
  773. What happens if you really don't have a good
  774. New consultant checklist??
  775. Need hospitality in Montrose, Colorado
  776. Looking for....
  777. Consultants Working As A Team?
  778. Former Consultant Report
  779. 3 Recruiting Interviews in one day!
  780. New Recruiting Radio Ad!?!
  781. Recruiting Dollars
  782. Here's something to show those potential recruits who 'hate MLMs'
  783. Recruit Question
  784. Any New Jersey consultants?
  785. How do you deal with "kit-nappers"?
  786. My 2nd recruit is signing next Saturday
  787. Tastefully Simple/Partylite Merger
  788. Recruiting flyers with new info?
  789. Need help with #
  790. Recruiting in 1st 30 days
  791. Urgent New Recruiting Flyer in Word?
  792. What would you take...
  793. Press Release Question
  794. Recruiting Your Host
  795. One of my team members recruited her first last night- I am so excited
  796. Will she be inactive?
  797. Opportunity line and other info
  798. Got my 1st recruit!
  799. Signed another recruit !!
  800. Guest has info already, should I step in?
  801. Moving and cluster meetings etc....
  802. February New Consultant Promotion PC Dollars?
  803. Guest vs. Host Comparison, with Recruiting Info added
  804. Help before 10 PM PST!!!!!
  805. Signed #1 and . . .
  806. Kit Rebate promo poster
  807. Personal My first recruit...
  808. #2 will sign in march
  809. I just signed my 1st recruit yesterday!!!! I am so excited!
  810. Yahoo month
  811. I need some advice on a possible recruit
  812. Need wording to respond to e-mail
  813. PostCalls info
  814. Urgent Career plan
  815. Holy Cow, Check out the March announcements
  816. Bonus paperwork for new consultant
  817. A hostess that hosted for me last January, and again this past January
  818. My first!
  819. New Recruit - Welcome letter
  820. Team meeting Help
  821. December Recruiting Promotion
  822. Recruiting Memo on bottom of Thank You letter
  823. Recruiting atmosphere in cluster
  824. Who Plays The Ticket Game?
  825. Opportunity Recording Number
  826. 1st Recruit
  827. Purchasing kit for possible recruit
  828. This biz for a college student
  829. New Recruit Just Qualified!
  830. First 30 Days/ New Consultant Incentive?
  831. Reduced trip points?
  832. New Consultant Kit
  833. Do you know labels
  834. New recruit training
  835. How do you start the recruiting conversation?
  836. Still no 1st Recruit!!
  837. Well . . . I had my
  838. Urgent New consultants & Personal Credit Card
  839. IPT - inactive status
  840. Got my DCB!
  841. Recruiting Slide :)
  842. Urgent Kit credit question
  843. Changing the Social Stigma of Men in PC
  844. Cancelled Message
  845. REcruiting e-mail?
  846. Recruiting Promotion - outside of show
  847. Silly forgotten ?
  848. Recruiting bonus?
  849. Question about biz and disability
  850. I jinxed myself
  851. At the risk of this person being on this board too
  852. Can I Stay In Business
  853. Where is the Dream Team?
  854. Quick Start Boxes
  855. Does anyone remember...?
  856. We are having our first cook and look tonight!!
  857. What would you do?????
  858. Recruiting someone who works the night shift
  859. I am signing my First Recruit on Thurs
  860. Recruiting former consultants who have kit products already
  861. FYI: If you signed a recruit Friday
  862. New levels flip chart
  863. Question re: promoting
  864. Your life your way DVD
  865. Interested in PC opportunity...question
  866. Career plan
  867. Should I contact my potential recruit?
  868. Don't make my mistake....
  869. Help! Looking for a flier on the comparisons of Direct Sales Companies
  870. How would you respond?(potential recruit)
  871. What to say?
  872. When does the kit change to S/S supplies?
  873. Looking for a Consultant in the Webster/Clear Lake, TX Area
  874. 3 in 3
  875. Inactive email?
  876. Presidents' Day info night
  877. Show Disaster?
  878. New Career Plan? What do you think?
  879. Urgent Paper work
  880. Possible recruit for down the road.
  881. Business opportunity slide!!!!!
  882. Recruiting Slide!!!!!!
  883. Virtual/Phone Interview
  884. Left Right game for recruiting
  885. Jumping In
  886. All of a sudden it's hitting the fan...
  887. Not sure where to post this.
  888. New Catalogs
  889. Job Fair For Home Based Businesses
  890. Is there a smaller kit credit coupon?
  891. Oh, I am not starting off this morning well...confused, already! The
  892. Spanish market kit
  893. Recruiting and Paperwork...
  894. Urgent Outline For Recruiting
  895. Recruiting flyer
  896. Just back from leadership and...........
  897. Anyone who got $50 gas cards
  898. Can I do this??
  899. I have a recruit interview tomorrow!!!
  900. How to sign a married couple?
  901. Inactive Consultant
  902. Wow.. My newest recruit...
  903. Urgent Recruiting out of the country...
  904. You just never know......
  905. I just signed by first Recruit!
  906. Great Year End Gift
  907. Spanish recruits
  908. FD checks?
  909. Broke through a personal barrier
  910. Remember those gas cards??
  911. 1st Recruit Signed this morning!!!!!
  912. #5 just called today!
  913. I have a possible recruit who won't be able to sign up until January.
  914. I signed #2 today- Denver here I come
  915. Recommended products to beef up kit?
  916. Recruit Packet?
  917. Anyone from Queen's New York
  918. Interesting recruit interview last night
  919. What percentage of our consultants work full time?
  920. Another qualifying question
  921. When does recruit have to qualify by?
  922. Coffee and questions
  923. Sister n law wants to use her show towards kit
  924. How do you recruit
  925. Hospitality near Sacramento, CA
  926. Re activating?
  927. Dec. recruiting promotion?
  928. Promoting Q's
  929. Better to Sign in Nov. or Dec.?
  930. Brainstorming ideas for coming up with $155 for starter kit
  931. Hospitality near Richton park IL?
  932. Recruiting a team
  933. How Does Kit Credit Work
  934. Keeping in touch until they sign
  935. Sharing And Caring
  936. Kit Credit Payment
  937. Website for new consultant...???
  938. What do you say..
  939. Booking Benefit - host signs
  940. Urgent What would you write in an e-mail?
  941. Invite for start up show?
  942. Kit Credit ?
  943. I just signed #2!!
  944. Sign up recruit now or in January?
  945. I'm soooo excited!!!
  946. Stoneware Promotion
  947. Promote to get to Leadership!
  948. Now more than ever.........
  949. Urgent Recruit's first show...need advice, please!
  950. Afraid of being too pushy!
  951. Urgent Metting with my 1st recruit
  952. I can't do it???
  953. Late Starter (I Hope)
  954. Has anyone made a recruiting flyer for the new trip incentive?
  955. My first recruit is awesome
  956. I got my 1st recruit
  957. Leadership dilema
  958. E-mails + Craft Fair + Phone Call = 1st Recruit
  959. Signed First Recruit Today!!!
  960. What to say to someone new in town
  961. Canadian Recruits
  962. #3 might be signing this weekend!
  963. Quick Start Box
  964. Disney Flyer
  965. Possibly going from 0 Recruits to 2 Recruits this week!
  966. How do I track a new consultant kit?
  967. Urgent Oh, PLEASE!!!!
  968. Calling hispanic market consultants.....
  969. Start for as little as $5
  970. She Signed!!!!
  971. Recruiting Packets
  972. #1 signing tomorrow!
  973. Kit Credit Question
  974. Question about points
  975. I'm stoopid, can't find this info - Kit and Qualified
  976. New Recruiting Bonus announced!
  977. What does it take to go full time for $xx income level?
  978. Using the $100 KC...a question
  979. Future Director Benefits
  980. Does anyone have an invitation made for potential recruits for National Meeting Day?
  981. New consultant signing Friday!
  982. Ready to sell again, need a PC rep!
  983. Questions about recruiting(i'm new)
  984. How many host packets come in the new kit?
  985. New recruits can get the Fall product samples, right?
  986. Bonus checks??
  987. I've made a goal!
  988. Benefits of Recruiting???
  989. ? New Host Kit Credit Offer
  990. New Host Kit Credit Announcement
  991. Looking For A Director Near Natchez, Ms
  992. Recruiting the telemarketer
  993. How can we use the LNT closing to recruit?
  994. My dream
  995. Any husband/wife teams?
  996. New recruit questions
  997. Feel free to not answer...
  998. How many males are interested, on your team, successful, etc?
  999. Odd experience
  1000. What's that phone number?
  1001. How would you respond to this?
  1002. Promoting question
  1003. I have a new recruit!
  1004. I have a recruit that HATES stoneware- anyone else?
  1005. Recruiting Flyer
  1006. New recruit has NUT allergy concern help
  1007. Promote to Director
  1008. Well, that was odd (question about recruiting!)
  1009. Wow! Did you read the back of the CN?
  1010. New recruits PWS
  1011. Protocol for biz genealogy change
  1012. Subject: Watch for those “green flags”
  1013. Which would you want?
  1014. Carreer Builders
  1015. To what extent...
  1016. What is the cost for becoming a recruit if you recuit your host
  1017. Articles from EP Magazine
  1018. I really want to help this girl.
  1019. Potential Recruit Letter
  1020. Lesson learned
  1021. Looking for a GREAT director in SF Bay Area
  1022. Possible Recruit Who Was A Guest At A Show
  1023. Consultant requirements
  1024. Potential Recruit-Need phone script
  1025. Kit credit timeframe
  1026. 4 recruit leads out of 7 guests
  1027. Recruit lead
  1028. Call those fair contacts!
  1029. New Recruiting Promo email!
  1030. New Consultant Training
  1031. 100 Recruiting tips
  1032. $100 bonus
  1033. Trip points for qualifying
  1034. Urgent Fair lead follow up
  1035. Not showing up
  1036. Kit Credit question
  1037. A recruit who is disabled
  1038. What works for you?
  1039. Now what?
  1040. Quick start box
  1041. I finally have my first
  1042. 2 & 3 this week!
  1043. Ok, I know it's too soon to get excited, but . . .
  1044. Dont qualify in 90 days
  1045. Ask the directors!
  1046. I have totally confused myself
  1047. Advertising policy...
  1048. Quick Start Boxes
  1049. Urgent Toot!! Toot!!
  1050. Can you???
  1051. Urgent List of super starter products???
  1052. I Have A Recruit!!!!
  1053. Almost missed $200! And SHE almost missed $77.50!
  1054. 1st Recruite's Party
  1055. About my recruiter and some questions about it
  1056. ISO "Recruiting Teach and Do" notes
  1057. I think I got my first recruit
  1058. New Recruit Notification
  1059. The Success Factory does it again...
  1060. Recruiting somebody who is poor
  1061. Looking for Recruiting bag wording
  1062. Signed my 7th Recruit!!!
  1063. Need ideas for a possible recruit!!
  1064. Can my recruit...
  1065. Question about tracking recruits progress..
  1066. Candy bar-?
  1067. My director is my first recruit!!
  1068. Recruiting promotion
  1069. I thought there was a way....
  1070. New consultant recognition!
  1071. FPV and Kit purchase
  1072. My first recruit lead!
  1073. Help with recruits husband...
  1074. How long does it usually take?
  1075. Hesitant to recruit!
  1076. WooHoo! My first recruit!!
  1077. Couple wants to recruit
  1078. Question on the start of overrides
  1079. Question about Recruiting Promo...
  1080. Hi!! I just signed up and I am Bilingual ...
  1081. August Recruiting Promotion Letter
  1082. Urgent 2 possible recruits want to sign but don't have kit $$
  1083. Free Catalogs for Recruiting
  1084. My recruits recruit?!?!
  1085. Urgent Just signed #1
  1086. YAY! I signed #3 tonight!!! I interviewed her on Saturday, I told her
  1087. Creative Memories Recruiting Incentive
  1088. From Web ID To Consultant #
  1089. New Promotion Flyer
  1090. Said she was looking to sign by Aug 1st but hasn't....
  1091. Show tomorrow with possible recruit
  1092. Newspaper Ad for Recruiting
  1093. Co-hosting Question
  1094. What's the Recorded Recruiting Phone Number?
  1095. Partylite (ugh!)
  1096. Anyone in michigan?
  1097. #4 just signed !!!!!! WHO_HOO!!!!!
  1098. Looking to be recruited...
  1099. Never Never Never Give Up!
  1100. Help recruiting Teachers!!!??
  1101. Olympics & Recruiting
  1102. Kit Credit
  1103. I'm this close.......
  1104. Date to order kit
  1105. #3 for me, 4 is days away
  1106. Need advice male recruits
  1107. Getting Started
  1108. First recruiting interview...
  1109. Unmotivated recruit...help!
  1110. Ink Pens from National Conference
  1111. She is so close
  1112. New paperwork for recruits?
  1113. Okay, so my reasons for joining were totally selfish. I totally did it
  1114. Recruiting going inactive
  1115. I just signed #1 and I'm still in my first 90 days! Woo Hoo! I guess
  1116. Kit Credit Questions
  1117. To many consultants
  1118. We Finally Have One
  1119. Recruit after conference
  1120. I'd LOVE to sign but
  1121. Ways to save money for the kit
  1122. What happens if your recruit doesn't qualify in there 90 days?
  1123. Does anyone know...
  1124. My first recruiting interview!
  1125. Email script for new consultant promo?
  1126. New Consultant Rewards
  1127. New Consultant Kit
  1128. How do you answer this?
  1129. New promotion
  1130. Good Script for New Promo
  1131. Recruiting Promo
  1132. Recruiting out of state
  1133. Just Signed Up #2!!
  1134. Opportunity Night....any tips?
  1135. Top 10 Reasons...
  1136. Recruiting Red Flags
  1137. So close, but yet so far
  1138. Repping more than 1 DS?
  1139. What is the Best way?
  1140. #3 for me and more
  1141. I might have my first
  1142. Staying in touch with leads...
  1143. Recruit and Customer Refferral
  1144. For the MALE consultants...
  1145. For directors...
  1146. Opportunity Night ("Boxing Day or Christmas in July)
  1147. Don't delay signing because of changing paperwork
  1148. Anyone have any tips for recruiting Amish?
  1149. Well crap
  1150. I just signed #6!
  1151. How long does it take
  1152. To promote or not...opinions please!
  1153. Question about downline
  1154. Recruiting outside of shows
  1155. How Many Recruits Do you Have???
  1156. New Recruiting Promotion?
  1157. Urgent New recruit on her way...HELP!
  1158. Recruiting DVD
  1159. I got my 5th recruit!!!!!
  1160. Full Time Employee recruiting concern
  1161. Urgent Host Cancelled-Layed off from Job-Recruit Opportunity
  1162. Once again, another great article from Success Factory
  1163. Recruit wants to sign but receives SSI benefits..
  1164. Holy Moly!!
  1165. Formal Invitation to cluster meeting
  1166. How long did it take you to make Director?
  1167. Recruiting Postcard
  1168. Just Ask!
  1169. Spanish language recruiting flyer?
  1170. I Must Be Becoming A Pest
  1171. Tooting my own horn and Carolyn's too!
  1172. Cancel agreement question
  1173. Recruitng question
  1174. How do you feel about someone who wants to sign just for the discounts
  1175. Twins and a 3 year old
  1176. Shooting for Director...
  1177. Does this ever happen and if so, is it legal?
  1178. Our first recruit!
  1179. Qualify New Recruit
  1180. Quick question about directorship
  1181. I need a fast answer too
  1182. Need Fast Answer
  1183. When you can't get team to attend meetings???
  1184. Question for the Directors...
  1185. Stimulus check suggestion for your recruit leads!
  1186. Using A "Taste Of Pampered Chef" Meeting For Recruiting
  1187. Am I being TOO honest?
  1188. Adding to my team....
  1189. Late new consultant kit shipment?
  1190. June Incentive for new Recruits?
  1191. Had to share :)
  1192. Consultant agreement
  1193. 4 recruit leads in one day!
  1194. Recruiting to Directorship
  1195. We want you back report....
  1196. Recruiting Support
  1197. Waiting for her to sign
  1198. Just signed my first recruit
  1199. Lady ready to sign
  1200. What would you do? (a bit long)
  1201. Planting seeds for recruiting story! Cute!
  1202. Going to sign first recruit but question
  1203. Very first recruit!!!
  1204. How do you recruit men?
  1205. #4 is signing this month!
  1206. Possible 1st recruit - a few questions
  1207. Great recruiting script...
  1208. Can I just gripe?
  1209. Qualified Recruit - 90 days free PWS
  1210. I have a lead!!
  1211. First Recruit
  1212. First Recruti
  1213. Recruiting Packets
  1214. Some great recruiting flyers
  1215. Question about HO Email: Access Your We Want You Back Report by May 6
  1216. Recruiting promo mailed.... please, give me a script!
  1217. How long into your biz....
  1218. Recruiting Flyer for this Month
  1219. Signing #3 Saturday!
  1220. New Recruit Promo Brochure
  1221. 3rd recruit :)
  1222. Recruiting Incentive Goals!
  1223. New Recruiting Announcement!
  1224. Recruiting promotion
  1225. Recruiting incentives
  1226. Recruiting games
  1227. How do you present the Opportunity?
  1228. Startup Kit flyer
  1229. Do inactive consultants receive our weekly bites? If not, I wanted to
  1230. Financial assistance for new recruits
  1231. Dream Patrol
  1232. Possible new recruit
  1233. Stronger Recruiting
  1234. Attending Recruits First Shows?
  1235. "Why" bag or box
  1236. How many stress new recruits get bookings before signing?
  1237. Recruiting lines for various products A GAME
  1238. Meeting to sign up my first recruit...what should I do?
  1239. How to use Hostess Credit From Show for Kit
  1240. Grrr......MK :(
  1241. Possible Recruit Rescheduling~ VENT!
  1242. Hospitality near Home, PA (15747)
  1243. Asking for Recruit Referrals
  1244. Do you need to buy consultants kit to be a consultant?
  1245. Recruiting Teachers
  1246. New Conusltant Rewards
  1247. Question about Best Buy cards
  1248. What would you do?????
  1249. Do you think they will have a new recruiting incentive?
  1250. Recruiting when inactive
  1251. New Recruit Questions
  1252. Help?? What should I do?
  1253. New Consultant Information Sheet?
  1254. Director tanked on my recruit call
  1255. What do I say when someone balks at the price of the Start-Up Kit?
  1256. New recruit just signed her first :)
  1257. Recuit Question??
  1258. Afraid to recruit?
  1259. What do you include in a Recruit Packet?
  1260. Annoying or a Good Idea?
  1261. I have a pos. recruit who wants to sign but she's afraid that the
  1262. Oh MY, Potential Recruit Help!!!!
  1263. I have question. i am sending info on starting the business to my
  1264. First Recruit
  1265. Signing number two today!!!!
  1266. Call From Out of Town
  1267. Recruiting Postcards
  1268. Signing Incentive Coupon?
  1269. I attract the crazies...
  1270. Quick Start boxes - when can a recruit get one?
  1271. Meeting with a possible recruit
  1272. Keeping in touch with recruit leads and fence sitters
  1273. Info for new recruit
  1274. 2 questions on potential recruit
  1275. Do you use PC Health Insurance?
  1276. What If...
  1277. Interview... please pray
  1278. Incentive to get trained???
  1279. Recruit Calls
  1280. I have a signed agreement in hand....
  1281. Possible 1st recruit
  1282. 2 possible recruits
  1283. 1st Recruit - FD is in sight
  1284. Keep your fingers crossed
  1285. What would you do?
  1286. Recruit # 1 down, endless to go!
  1287. Jillian Eisenberg's Scrapbook?
  1288. Order Form For Supplies
  1289. "coming out" party
  1290. Consultant Kit break down sheet?
  1291. The bait is out there...
  1292. Question on how I should do this...
  1293. Help with Reactivating a recruit!?
  1294. My First Recruit!!!
  1295. New consultant wants to cancel after receiving kit
  1296. 3 Day Grace Period???
  1297. Cup of tea recruiting
  1298. Best BUy Gift Cards...
  1299. Body Shop at Home new tag line
  1300. New Director Academy May -Anyone else?
  1301. Recruiting Promotions...
  1302. Where did she go??
  1303. FD question!!
  1304. Oh Holy Crackers!!
  1305. 1st Recruit Lead
  1306. Need some advise on recruiting a good friend
  1307. Recruiting Family Members??
  1308. Kit credit
  1309. How to check inactive status???
  1310. Questions about recruits.....
  1311. Signing #3 today!!
  1312. Any suggetions on this?
  1313. What's so big about a postcard?
  1314. Just got #2...on my way!!
  1315. YAY 1st Recruit!
  1316. Tips for getting #1
  1317. What do you do when....
  1318. Signed #2 I'm a Future!!!!
  1319. Signed #5
  1320. I Did It !!!!!!!!! 1 Step Closer Director
  1321. Any directors from Miami/Hialeah area?
  1322. I know I can ask my recruiter/director about this, and I will, but I
  1323. Drumroll please............
  1324. Small Vent.....
  1325. Thanks for contacting The Pampered Chef?!?!?
  1326. May New Director Academy
  1327. Can I track a new recruits kit?
  1328. Anyone heard of the some day club?
  1329. One of my recruits - After qualifying..
  1330. Last Night, Partylight Party
  1331. Recruiting Binder?
  1332. How Do you Just Ask?
  1333. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
  1334. Potential Recruit - does not drive!
  1335. EEK Soo close!!!!
  1336. Replacement for Empowering Women?
  1337. How long until kit credit available for consultant agreement?
  1338. Possiible 1st Recruit
  1339. Commending Self Starters
  1340. Charter Gift - Soap?
  1341. Host becoming consultant... giving her outside orders for show
  1342. Can I...
  1343. My second recruit... ugh.
  1344. Yay! Just had to share!
  1345. Recruiting promo
  1346. Spanish Speaking Consultant Materials?
  1347. This STINKS!!!
  1348. How does the Host kit credit work?
  1349. No computers
  1350. Need "fun" idea for recruiting
  1351. I had a lady respond to my PWS stating she wants to start selling PC.
  1352. HELP!! MAJOR concern about a new recruit (lengthy message follows)
  1353. Director knowledge
  1354. Potential Recruit thinking of doing candles instead!!
  1355. Potential Recruit from a Bridal Expo
  1356. Benefit of signing with an out-of-town consultant...
  1357. Thinking about becoming a consultant.
  1358. New Feb Recruits
  1359. Ask EVERYBODY? Really????
  1360. So close!
  1361. New Oppt Call In #-
  1362. Recruiting paperwork at checkout?
  1363. So how do you go about doing the "WHY" bag?
  1364. Is this recruiting? 'Cause I was just being nice to another consultant, I thought...
  1365. Career Consultant- What did YOU do to become a director
  1366. "I don't know many people..."
  1367. Super Starter Kit??
  1368. Can't find it
  1369. New Consultant kit ?
  1370. My first good lead!
  1371. Full time job and Pampered Chef - How far can you go?
  1372. Have you ever had a party and invited potential recruits?
  1373. How Many Recruits...?
  1374. Did I dream this?
  1375. Could anyone explain?
  1376. Going to meet with a potential recruit...
  1377. Recruiting Binder?
  1378. Quick question
  1379. Why Qualify in 30?
  1380. Deadline for recruits?
  1381. Recruiting cattys?
  1382. Well, PC isn't the only DS company focused on recruiting lately...
  1383. Forged Cutlery for new recruit ??
  1384. Future Consultant............
  1385. Former recruit resigning, can she design own kit?
  1386. Kit too expensive
  1387. I Am Floating On Air!!!
  1388. Need Louisiana Consultant help
  1389. Pleasse Help - Recruiting Poll
  1390. Recruiting Postcards are back!
  1391. Pampered Chef plus full-time employment
  1392. So, is this a "family affair" for anyone else?
  1393. 2 recruits... then what?
  1394. Free products from Nov. recruiting promo
  1395. Recruiting Info from Leadership
  1396. Potential Consultant No Computer
  1397. Recruiting College Students
  1398. Apron story in KCN
  1399. Recruit Letter of Thanks
  1400. Wahoo! My first recruit
  1401. Should I not do the why bag, etc?
  1402. Just got a call = potential recruit!
  1403. I am signing my 5th recruit today!! Yea, me!! :p
  1404. Starter Kit Question
  1405. I did it!
  1406. SO Close!!
  1407. New Recruit- unemployement question
  1408. Will Amy earn TPC in Recruiting?!?!?!?!
  1409. How do you handle this?
  1410. This should keep DH quiet for awhile!
  1411. Recruiting and the trip incentive
  1412. New Recruit! Closer to Director!
  1413. I'm so excite, and I just can't hide it! LOL!
  1414. Please Help with Recruiting!!!
  1415. New Recruiting flyer in Spanish?
  1416. What do you do with DVD
  1417. Question about Recruiting
  1418. "Sampling of PC" Questions
  1419. Tracking my new recruits kit
  1420. Question about inactivity...
  1421. Ok, so I came home from Leadership late Saturday fired up to recruit.
  1422. New promo flyer question
  1423. OMG!! I really think I'm going to promote!!
  1424. Question from a soon to join consultant
  1425. Recruit ??
  1426. Just signed my first recruit of 2008!!
  1427. How do you use the New Consultant Kit in recruiting?
  1428. Can you say, YES!!!!!
  1429. APO Italy
  1430. What to do re: Quick Start Box
  1431. Question about recruiting and becoming a Director
  1432. 1st recruit is a kit-napper!
  1433. Help Me Get Over My Attitude
  1434. Help needed in Solvang, CA
  1435. First recruit of the year?
  1436. Host Recruit Flyer
  1437. How long til they charge your card?
  1438. Recruits from Booth
  1439. Host and Recruiting
  1440. Consultant Recruiting Promotion
  1441. Quick Start Boxes
  1442. First potential recruit??
  1443. Double Digits!!!
  1444. Updated flyer for December
  1445. Commonly Asked Possible Recruit questions
  1446. 5th Recruit Qualified
  1447. Awesome email!
  1448. Paperwork in new consultant kit
  1449. Husband signing up!
  1450. Did you Know? cards
  1451. For dannyzmom
  1452. What happens when...
  1453. Uggghhhhh....Lost Another Recruit to PartyLite
  1454. Recruit question
  1455. Am I Director yet or not?
  1456. Recruit question
  1457. Wrapping my head around this one...
  1458. Not a consultant yet and already a recruit?
  1459. 1st recruit and question
  1460. Question about a recruit's recruit......
  1461. Questions on re-signing
  1462. Can you transfer directorship?
  1463. I went to an expo two weeks ago and had a lady call me last night
  1464. How do point work
  1465. Potential recruit!
  1466. How does the kit credit work?
  1467. #2 just signed!!
  1468. Recruit in Italy
  1469. Whooo Hoooo!
  1470. New Recruit
  1471. Recruit # 4, 5, & 6
  1472. How long?
  1473. I may have my first recruit!! She doesn't live near me and has asked
  1474. Feeling A Little Frustrated
  1475. Congratulations Amy 07 ! ! !
  1476. Totally Psyched!
  1477. Coming back from inactive status
  1478. I finally got 1!!!!
  1479. Recruiting Idea
  1480. Recruiting questions
  1481. New recruit
  1482. List of 100
  1483. Sharing Paychecks/1099 Forms
  1484. New Recruiting Incentive
  1485. Where to draw line with this possible recruit?
  1486. Qualifying question
  1487. Need a "get the word out" letter for my new recruit
  1488. Why Bag
  1489. Made Weekly Bites! -Toot Toot! :)
  1490. Points for recruits?
  1491. How does it get better than seeing this in your Inbox?
  1492. Anyone looking for another company to sell for in addition to PC?
  1493. I got my first consultant!
  1494. Recruitting "Bingo" game?
  1495. Whoohooo 2nd recruit???!!!!
  1496. Where can I find a exact list of contants of starter kit?
  1497. Maybe #5
  1498. Recruiting Top 100
  1499. Oops, they did it again!
  1500. Can two people sign together?
  1501. Personal Story
  1502. Skeptical questions
  1503. THANKS AGAIN GOD!!!!!!!!!! and PLEASE PRAY
  1504. Business Card Update?
  1505. Here is my frustration...I have a lady who has a catalog show
  1506. Recruiting Question
  1507. Potential Recruit!!
  1508. Curiosity Folders
  1509. Got my first recruit!!!
  1510. Possible new recruit
  1511. Share how you recruited ---(A MUST READ)
  1512. Help me remake my list - can't find it and need it!
  1513. I think she is going to sign!
  1514. Bumming on Recruiting
  1515. Temporary bummer
  1516. Potential Recruit
  1517. Long distance recruits
  1518. New recruit....getting her host bonus at bookings
  1519. Joining for just the discount
  1520. Pen for recruiting
  1521. Quick Question- where can I find details on new recruit rewards?
  1522. Kit Credit Coupon....
  1523. Need help with label wording...
  1524. Drawing for recruiting bonus today!
  1525. REALISTICALLY...how much do you make?
  1526. Hispanic New Consultant Kit??
  1527. Possible recruit without computer?
  1528. FPV towards Recruit kit
  1529. Opportunity Event??
  1530. What is considered your first month
  1531. Oh NO
  1532. How much.....
  1533. How many?
  1534. New Recruit Tip Sheet
  1535. Nancy Jo Ryan recorded message
  1536. ISO Grand Opening Flyer
  1537. Got my first recruit!!
  1538. New Recruit Question - $200 minimum?
  1539. Using Kit credit and the wait to sign up!
  1540. Creative Cutters Recruiting story
  1541. How not to be pushy but get your point across
  1542. Catalog Show and Recruit
  1543. Business Card Swap - What is your favorite reason?
  1544. Just signed a new recruit!
  1545. New Recruit Promotion!
  1546. Did I loose a recruit
  1547. US work visa for Canadian recruit
  1548. Recruiting Promo Numbers
  1549. Kit credit / online sign-up
  1550. Confused... pan & cookbook promotion over?
  1551. New recruit promotion has been posted to cc!!
  1552. Recruiting Promotion Announced!!
  1553. Recruiting Lead Letter?
  1554. Possible Recruiting Promotion
  1555. Thread deletion
  1556. Question about passcode for new recruit
  1557. The Suspense is Killing ME!!!!!
  1558. Extra Card Swap Cards Available to anyone interested!
  1559. Vent Warning
  1560. Submitting contract for new recruit?
  1561. New recruit
  1562. Inactivity Question - New Recruit
  1563. First Recruit Qualified!!!
  1564. I signed my first recruit:D :balloon: My biz was so part time for
  1565. New Recruit Benefit for Host?
  1566. How long can you wait to use the kit credit?
  1567. Who has a good checklist of things to do while waiting for kit?
  1568. Have any of you received your recruiting postcards for September yet?
  1569. Encourage a recruit to start earlier?
  1570. Depressing lack of interviews.
  1571. Guess what?? I got my FIRST recruit yesterday. I am so excited and I
  1572. Your Life Your Way Brochure
  1573. Recruiting Idea incorporated into host coaching...
  1574. Cookware Mania
  1575. Does a Recruit Have to Purchase the Kit?
  1576. Possible new recruit wheelchair bound
  1577. Got my first recruit maybe 3 more on the way
  1578. Recruiting a Blind Person
  1579. They have got to be kidding!
  1580. What is the #???
  1581. 1 Recruit No Extra Commission
  1582. Looking for old Guides to Training and Coaching Super starters
  1583. How to go active again
  1584. I had a lady come up to me at a party and said
  1585. Vent Warning - where is my recruit?
  1586. I am so Excited....Future Director here I come!
  1587. Got my First Recruit!
  1588. Phone Recruiting Interview Help
  1589. Lovin' it!
  1590. EASY...Recruiting Speach to Share...
  1591. McAllen Area Hospitality???
  1592. Ok, so I was checking the policy & procedures about when I should
  1593. New Recruit question
  1594. Does anyone know what the cut-off date for promoting is to be able to
  1595. What should I do from here??
  1596. Director Income
  1597. Might have my first recruit, without even asking
  1598. Who do you give the Empowering Magazine to???
  1599. What recruiting materials in hostess packet and recruiting packet
  1600. Inactive ?
  1601. How many have you recruited so far?
  1602. I did it!
  1603. Well if that's not a recruiting tool, I don't know what is!
  1604. Why you do PC
  1605. I have been asked to be a guest speaker for a director friend's step
  1606. Home Business Expo
  1607. What to say?
  1608. Disapearing Recruits
  1609. "Opportunity Gathering"
  1610. At Home
  1611. #4 From The Same Beauty Shop
  1612. You just never know.....
  1613. BUSINESS CARD SWAP **Read and Respond**
  1614. I have a horrible feeling Im NOT going to qualify!!
  1615. New opportunity call
  1616. Recruit packets
  1617. Question regarding past host discount and new recruit
  1618. Recruiting drawing slip
  1619. First Recruit Interview
  1620. Page Protector for Business Cards
  1621. Three Recruit Leads From A Beauty Shop Visit
  1622. I signed my first recruit today! She is one of my friends and I'm
  1623. Hey Business Card Swappers....
  1624. Road to Director
  1625. How do you get over the fear and doubt?
  1626. Sharing the Opportunity Advice!
  1627. Direct Sales vs Network Marketing?
  1628. Does anyone use a ...
  1629. Recruiting interview
  1630. To approach or not to approach?
  1631. How you were able to attract people to join the biz?
  1632. Future directorship here I come!!!
  1633. Flyer for current New Consultant incentive?
  1634. Recruiting Line Labels
  1635. A little upset..long
  1636. What do you think???
  1637. I Finally Got My First Recruit
  1638. 7 Question Recruiting Interview
  1639. Canadian Opportunity Brochure?
  1640. Cons.Corner ~ Where's the flyer??
  1641. I am torn...please help!
  1642. How much is the kit including shipping and tax?
  1643. Need some advice/suggestions
  1644. Overseas Consultants
  1645. Duska's Dream Team Training
  1646. Anyone else get this email from HO?
  1647. An awesome lead!
  1648. Potential Recruit just won't call back?!?
  1649. If you are just a consultant in your first 90 days and you sign a
  1650. I signed my first recruit!!!
  1651. Letter to go along with new promotion
  1652. What to do?!?!
  1653. Hi...need help quick!
  1654. Anyone have a script?
  1655. Am I missing something??
  1656. Your Life Your Way Brochure
  1657. Tag-team consultants???
  1658. Potential Recruit Help!!
  1659. Remind me--how much sales to qualify?
  1660. YAHOO!!! I'm a new FD
  1661. WHY Bag
  1662. Business Card Swap *Cards Received*
  1663. New recruit
  1664. Introduction Show
  1665. Maine Consultants
  1666. I am a new consultant and need some advice
  1667. Recruiting Incentive Email from HO
  1668. My First Recruit
  1669. **Those participating in the Business Card Swap!
  1670. New Recruit Perk!
  1671. Your Life Your Way DVD
  1672. Stickers for Recruiting materials
  1673. Gift for doing show for new consultant
  1674. Business Card Exchange
  1675. Got #4
  1676. Things are looking up
  1677. Potential Recruit Military Spouses Please help
  1678. Is she going to get it?
  1679. Signing Recruits This Month?
  1680. A little excited
  1681. Any vegan consultants out there?
  1682. 10 Reasons to Join
  1683. Recruiting overseas???
  1684. Email from The Success Factory
  1685. Semi Lost Little Lamb-Sticky Recruiting ?
  1686. Home Business Expo
  1687. Panorama Recruit Flier
  1688. Enthusiastic potential backing out?
  1689. WHOOOPIIIII 1st recruit!
  1690. Catalog letter
  1691. OK, a little mental struggle with PC...
  1692. Welcome Letter
  1693. Advertising information
  1694. Can you believe this?!?!
  1695. TPC Question
  1696. Recruiting Postcard
  1697. Come Join Us booklet
  1698. Questions about the business
  1699. Recruit lead
  1700. New recruit help
  1701. Fall Kit contents - where is it listed.
  1702. HELP!! Single, retired Male, wants to Join????
  1703. Other Direct Sellers
  1704. Magic of Conference
  1705. Need recruiting game idaea!
  1706. I told my hubby...
  1707. Fingers Crossed!
  1708. Need a quick-start box in Indiana
  1709. Responding to Objections brainstorming
  1710. What to talk about?
  1711. I made a decsion!
  1712. Ethically Speaking...
  1713. I'm so excited!
  1714. Top 100 Recruiters
  1715. Signing My First Tomorrow!!
  1716. Selling the Dream
  1717. Kit and season changeover
  1718. Doing the happy dance
  1719. Kit Credit is not lost
  1720. Need help with a potential new consultant
  1721. What do you get from a recruit?
  1722. Now or After Conference
  1723. 2 Possibles
  1724. I have 2 potentials attending our cluster meeting on the 14th!
  1725. Just Do It!!!....???
  1726. Possible Recruit & Fall Paperwork
  1727. NC Tracking
  1728. Husband and wife team
  1729. Recruiting Packet
  1730. New Consultant Rewards Brochure
  1731. What a day
  1732. 4 recruits between May 1st and June 30th =
  1733. Challenge from Director
  1734. Question about Trainer title
  1735. Background Requirements
  1736. Calls- What to say
  1737. Tomorrow's host is SO teetering on the edge as to whether or not to
  1738. Lady of Leisure
  1739. Quick--how many SB in new kit?
  1740. What to give?
  1741. 2 for June!!
  1742. What to say
  1743. Several directors in my area losing directorships ...
  1744. Weird situation ?
  1745. Question about an inactive consultant
  1746. Doesn't have the money for the kit
  1747. Never heard of Pampered Chef
  1748. Recruiting help
  1749. I'm in a daze now
  1750. My Director Just Challenged ME!
  1751. Answer Quick! Can I say this truthfully??
  1752. Cold recruiting--from classifieds "Looking for a job"
  1753. Concern over carrying show items
  1754. Awesome trip to the bank today!
  1755. Customer Care Calls and Follow ups
  1756. Recruit another direct sales person?????
  1757. New recruit - a kit napper
  1758. Wait for Kit Credit?
  1759. Quick Start Kits
  1760. Step Up to Director
  1761. How do share the opportunity??
  1762. Need Quick Help: Paying for Kit in cash?
  1763. New Consultant Kit contents - Apron?
  1764. I made my WHY bag
  1765. How long before first recruit?
  1766. Wish me Luck
  1767. Pros and Cons of Promoting to Director
  1768. Director and above HO Conference Call TODAY!
  1769. Possible recruit lead
  1770. Trying to recruit the host when the show is far from my home...
  1771. Another Great Success Factory Email...
  1772. Pretty cool!
  1773. Prepared Questions to be asked at show...
  1774. New Consultant Rewards Question
  1775. Where'd they go?
  1776. Where is that "I & me" excersise??
  1777. So, I pulled a Belinda today... (Now what?!)
  1778. I Got The Call!!!
  1779. Keeping fingers crossed
  1780. How do you answer this
  1781. Deaf Consultant
  1782. I just got home from a show and have a guest who is resiging with me.
  1783. What am I doing wrong
  1784. Pc Health Care
  1785. Signed #3 - Happy Dance time
  1786. Recruiting those who have other DS experience
  1787. In the Know with Jo
  1788. I'm With You Anne! (AJPratt)
  1789. Purchasing Leads
  1790. June is looking good!
  1791. Recruit 2 in May & 2 in June Challenge
  1792. Why Bag or I Can
  1793. TPC Question
  1794. What to give at Sampling of TPC?
  1795. 90 day Action Plan - Begin w/ the End in Mind 90 day Action Plan
  1796. Does anyone have anything they would use to attract teachers, to get
  1797. Is this still good?
  1798. YIKES I have a million ?????'s
  1799. What now?
  1800. Praise God with me
  1801. Hospitality in New Jersey.. Please Help
  1802. Got an Interview Tomorrow
  1803. Question about recruiting points
  1804. Future Director Call with Jo
  1805. Newspaper AD
  1806. Quick Start Box???
  1807. At conference....
  1808. Recruiting Challenge Ideas Needed!
  1809. New Consultants and Wedding Registry Question
  1810. What would you do?
  1811. I don't want to sound stupid, but...
  1812. Maybe a new recruit
  1813. New Consultant Tips Poll
  1814. Vent: New Consultants Going Inactive
  1815. Anybody else get this?
  1816. Weird Kit Credit Question
  1817. Who saw Jillian Eisenberg speak in NJ?
  1818. Potential is Preggers
  1819. Kit Nappers
  1820. Directorship Fear??
  1821. New Consultant Kit
  1822. Objection ~ don't have $$ for the kit
  1823. Is it Me????
  1824. HOT recruit lead at a garage sale
  1825. Setting a Goal - Director training ???
  1826. My first!!!!! YEA!
  1827. Future Director Again??
  1828. Top 10 reasons.
  1829. Say a prayer....FOUR possible recruits!!
  1830. Super Starter question
  1831. Maybe i messed up
  1832. Biz Opp Invite??
  1833. 2 + 2 calls
  1834. My Recruiting incentive
  1835. Got a recruit lead at Target thanks to my Ribbon Tote!
  1836. I just might be a future Director
  1837. My recruit's kit is lost!
  1838. Problems with support from my director...
  1839. I'm a Future Director!!!!
  1840. Kit credit Questions
  1841. #2 getting ready to sign!
  1842. New Recruit - show tomorrow with no kit!
  1843. Recruiting poster to print?
  1844. Has anyone earned directorship and NOT taken it?
  1845. SIlpada or PC - Need Info
  1846. Recruiting interview tonight
  1847. Letter to send with DVD
  1848. It's HAPPENING!!! I am waiting for a call from PC HOME OFFICE...
  1849. What do you say?
  1850. Signing my 4th!!!
  1851. Qualifying Pin
  1852. 2 recruits left to qualify!!!
  1853. I made a recruiting brochure
  1854. Recruit question?
  1855. This must be the week for me...
  1856. How do you approach?
  1857. Trouble doing follow up calls - AHHH
  1858. How to Use ...
  1859. Closer Look Inserts??
  1860. Biz Opp Meeting?
  1861. So irritated with TOH
  1862. Recruit potentials at Bridal Show
  1863. Paying for start up kit
  1864. Quailfying This Month ? ? ?
  1865. How long 'til I get a host number for a new recruit?
  1866. Mary Kay Consultant
  1867. Need Translation to Spanish Please
  1868. What to say to a host that.... sure has potential!
  1869. Need Translation to Spanish Please
  1870. Recruits 1st show
  1871. Fellow consultant may quit - wants to know if she can "give" me her recruit.
  1872. What is your obstacle?
  1873. 'Overcoming Objections' recruiting flyer @ Leadership
  1874. The Anticipation is Killing Me . . .
  1875. From a different thread
  1876. Anyone have the Recruiting Flyer...
  1877. I am re-vamping my recruiting packets and I know this is a small
  1878. I have my first one!!!
  1879. Future Director!! YAY!!
  1880. Recruited my 6th consultant TODAY!!! I am soooo excited! Maybe this
  1881. Placing an ad in the paper
  1882. HELP!!!! Kit purchase
  1883. New help with reqruit question
  1884. Emailing recruit info
  1885. Pampered Chef's newest FD!!
  1886. Urgent Recruiting Question
  1887. May have my first lead!
  1888. Planning for New Recruit??
  1889. Need help..with PP Plus and recruit
  1890. Job Fair Ideas?
  1891. I need to vent.....
  1892. Kit Enhancement question
  1893. *sigh* I had a girl all ready to sign, and she even got the kit credit
  1894. Need help
  1895. Director Training Day at HO
  1896. Any rumblings of a sign-on incentive in April???
  1897. Ok I have had 2 people want to....
  1898. What do you Put in your Recuriting Packet
  1899. Tip for the NEW SS Program
  1900. Recruit Lead Question
  1901. Pleasant Surprise & a question
  1902. Just want the kit
  1903. Items in Hispanice starter kit?
  1904. I'm Official!!
  1905. Recruit Qualified
  1906. Process of a Recruiting Interview
  1907. A sign of things to come?
  1908. First Recruit's First Show
  1909. Attitude Of A Leader
  1910. Male Recruit ... maybe
  1911. I'm not sure
  1912. If consultant quits???
  1913. Potential Consultant is Pregnant...
  1914. Potemtial Recruit :) Quick Question
  1915. I'm so excited
  1916. New recruit just qualified...
  1917. Possible new recruit, got question about signing up
  1918. Wish me luck! Tonight's host is very interested!
  1919. Looking for...
  1920. What should I do next?
  1921. #6 Just Signed!!
  1922. Powerful Recruiting Words
  1923. Possibly two in one month!!!
  1924. I might be losing one and she hasn't even started yet.
  1925. Single mom interested... catalogue only?
  1926. Help with initial call
  1927. Mary Kay and PC.. Can She Do Both?
  1928. New kit
  1929. Check out my new signature.....
  1930. What do you say to a potential that says...
  1931. Toot Toot Toot Toot Toot!!!
  1932. What happens if my recruit...
  1933. Benefits of Director?
  1934. Question about promoting....
  1935. My host for next Friday is interested!
  1936. What to do with "New Consultant Kit" stickers?
  1937. Director in 3 weeks...
  1938. How long it take you?
  1939. I am signing my 5th !!!
  1940. Holy Cow I Got One!!
  1941. I'm a Future Director (again)
  1942. Serious BoneHead mistake
  1943. First Recruit- Need help
  1944. New Flyers for New Super Starter Program
  1945. Gave out my first empowering women mag
  1946. Empowering Women
  1947. Recruited 2 Hosts this week!
  1948. Sales Waiver - Can it be made Retroactive?
  1949. What do you all think of this idea?
  1950. How do we compare to Discovery Toys?
  1951. Advertising the Consultant Opportunity question...
  1952. Good Refresher on Information on New Program
  1953. Wish me luck!!!
  1954. ::::sigh:::: 1 down :(
  1955. # of consultants in the U.S only???
  1956. Where do I list It?
  1957. I NEED your help...
  1958. A little gripe
  1959. I got one, now what...
  1960. Kit credit?
  1961. Inactive ordering?
  1962. Kinda Bummed!
  1963. I'm signing #4 TODAY!!
  1964. Two More Signing.
  1965. Tracking Shipping on recruit's kit
  1966. Think I have one too!
  1967. I just signed my first recruit!
  1968. How to recruit
  1969. Suggestions, please....
  1970. Totally dumb question...but here goes.
  1971. Double points?
  1972. Any words of advice?
  1973. Lookie Lookie what I got in my e-mail!
  1974. Recruit gone WRONG....
  1975. I signed today
  1976. Your Life... DVD
  1977. How much can I share on message boards?
  1978. Future Director??! How??
  1979. First recruit!
  1980. New recruit kit
  1981. What items to suggest new recruit add to kit?
  1982. 25 New Catalogs!
  1983. ISO: List of New Kit Contents
  1984. Possible host & recruit
  1985. Spanish So Tell Me
  1986. Help... I am looking for....
  1987. Future Director question & opinion on a recruit
  1988. Start Up Costs for other DS companies
  1989. Anyone else's director doing the Step Up to Director program?
  1990. Does anyone know??
  1991. ISO: Commission Structure Flyer for Potential Recruits
  1992. Yikes!! :)
  1993. What should I ask this recruit lead tonight?
  1994. I am looking for Doris/PC giving facts
  1995. Your Life Your Way DVD at show?
  1996. Your Own Team?!
  1997. Am I trying too hard?
  1998. Delivery Time on New Kits
  1999. Anyone do something like Book to Look for signing?
  2000. Wohoo my 3rd recruit qualified
  2001. Recruiting Intro.....
  2002. Woo Hoo - TOOT TOOT
  2003. To Recruit or Not to Recruit... That's MY Question
  2004. Need Advice- My recruit is selling PC @ Vendors Mall
  2005. Everett, Washington
  2006. New CD
  2007. Open House = recruit
  2008. SOOO Frustrated!
  2009. Recruiting from a distance
  2010. So I got an e-mail from.....
  2011. Surprise catalogs for me...
  2012. Surprise in the Mailbox!
  2013. Question about New Consultant Kit
  2014. Holy cow.. my Fed Ex guy is a GIRL..and she might want to sign..
  2015. A woman I've been trying to recruit for over a year just emailed me...
  2016. I have the signed agreement in my hand...
  2017. Will someone update this flyer?
  2018. Where have you found your new consultants?
  2019. Okay!!! I am ON MY WAY!
  2020. I am so frustrated with the new consultant kit ship times!!! :mad:
  2021. Signing a recruit in Feb...paperwork???
  2022. Problems signing up online
  2023. Old rewards vs. new rewards
  2024. What do you put in a recuit packet?
  2025. Considering Being a Consultant - Looking for Honest Advice
  2026. I am so bummed!
  2027. Do you share what you earn?
  2028. Liability insurance
  2029. Welcome Booklet???
  2030. Military Overseas Consultant
  2031. Can I turn her in? Doe PC want to know?
  2032. What are the 7 questions for a recruit prospect
  2033. You have to see this one....
  2034. Spanish Consultant Brochure
  2035. Quick Start Box???
  2036. Can I help a new recruit with their first show?
  2037. New Consultant Kit stickers
  2038. Can HOSTS apply FPV to new kit?
  2039. To Share or NOT to Share?
  2040. Confirmation on recruit signing email
  2041. $ amount of new kit.....anyone????
  2042. Toot Toot...
  2043. First recruiting interview!
  2044. What do you recommend
  2045. 5 Apron Sizes Update
  2046. New Recruit Checklist
  2047. 1 down & 4 to go!
  2048. I heard the magic words
  2049. WooHoo - shes signing!
  2050. Recruiting Flyer
  2051. Quick Start Box?? Keep one on hand?
  2052. Thinking of joining PC..help please!
  2053. Quick Urgent Question
  2054. Has Anyone
  2055. Yippee! Interview tonight!
  2056. What to put in hostess packets for Feb?
  2057. New Consultant Reward Brochure
  2058. Has anyone......
  2059. Recruiting e-mail
  2060. Wouldn't it be cool?
  2061. New Recruiting Packet from HO
  2062. New Consultant Tips
  2063. New Potential what to give?
  2064. Lia Sophia kit cost?
  2065. Help..I'm a little unsure.
  2066. So when do I?
  2067. Why Bag
  2068. New Consultant PDF
  2069. I'm feeling discouraged
  2070. New Recruit discount on kit?
  2071. New Hispanic Consultant Kit...Not the same?
  2072. Recruited My First!!!
  2073. Recruiting Superstars: Share your wisdom!
  2074. Did you Notice?????
  2075. How do you talk to strangers about PC?
  2076. Recruiting brochures?
  2077. Consultants who signed after Dec 15 can upgrade to new program
  2078. New Recruiting Incentives
  2079. My director is cracking the whip!!
  2080. Recruit Reimbursement Incentive - YOUR OWN
  2081. New Consultant Kit/Paperwork Change over
  2082. I really want to 'walk' at UK National Conference, help
  2083. Is Everyone Reading The E-mail
  2084. Got this email last night...
  2085. Got someone who wants to sign BUT
  2086. Just Promoted To Director!!
  2087. Recruiting packs..what do yo put in?
  2088. 3 for me... & I'm hoping...
  2089. Can Directors have other Direct Sales Businesses?
  2090. Signed #1
  2091. New recruit need invitation
  2092. What Could It Be?
  2093. #11 signed!! LOL
  2094. What would you do?
  2095. #5 is QUALIFIED!!! Yeah Baby!!
  2096. Woo hoo! Just signed another!
  2097. Possible leads
  2098. Use of Chef Success
  2099. Help Christmas Card Idea!
  2100. One Away from Walking in Dallas HELP!! UGHHHH!!
  2101. Recruiting Postcards from HO
  2102. Empowering Women Index
  2103. Recruit Qualifing
  2104. 1st recruit-now what?
  2105. Recruiting Mishap
  2106. When do you get points
  2107. Host's friend signs on as a consultant...
  2108. I don't want to be pushy, but...
  2109. New Consultant Promotion?
  2110. Any Teachers?
  2111. Surprise possible recruit
  2112. New Business Invite
  2113. Customer thank you letter
  2114. Host Appreciation Night Prize Catagories
  2115. I might be losing my FD title...
  2116. Sign on bonus
  2117. I just signed #5!
  2118. Pictures of Trifolds
  2119. Addressing a Recruit - unqualifed, no sales, etc.
  2120. #3 Signing Tomorrow
  2121. Help me pick a theme for my HAN!
  2122. Sometimes there is a good reason why...
  2123. Changing SS Month questions...
  2124. New Consultant
  2125. Purchasing Kit w/ FPV amount
  2126. Too Many Recruits all at Once?
  2127. Just Have To Share!!!
  2128. Recruit just FELL in my lap! WOOHOO!
  2129. 2 cohosts want to sign...
  2130. Gifts for those who attend my Host App Night (HAN)
  2131. Cookware for New Recruits?
  2132. Recruiter Quit
  2133. Recruit Stealing?
  2134. Uh...did that just happen??
  2135. Does Anyone Know??
  2136. Someone is mildly interested....
  2137. Host Appreciation Night... Need ideas...
  2138. Inactive recruit question...
  2139. # 5 Signed - Just had to share
  2140. Toot Toot
  2141. FD status/over ride question...
  2142. Scratching my head
  2143. ARRGGHHH!!! She's going inactive b/f qualifying!!
  2144. Question about Recruit Points
  2145. Sell a thon question...
  2146. Recruiting packets?
  2147. Lost my two recruits.. so bummed
  2148. Being Gun Shy when it comes to recurting
  2149. 90 day action Plan
  2150. Different Recruit objection
  2151. Recruiting Objection
  2152. I have a possible recruit, but she is selling Home & Garden Party.
  2153. My First HO Lead Signed!
  2154. What to get my recruits???
  2155. What do you take to an interview?
  2156. BiLingual Recruits
  2157. FIRST recruit
  2158. Check your Incentive Tracker...
  2159. Consultant Discount
  2160. Recruiting Promo?
  2161. HAD to share... The Method Tote works!
  2162. For you consultant's who make their....
  2163. Surprise this morning
  2164. Fear of talking?
  2165. Halloween Recruiting Ideas
  2166. November Recruit Flyer
  2167. Halloween Recruiting Poem-Candy mix
  2168. How long does it take for kit to ship?
  2169. Uh... oops! Submitted agreement before show. LOL
  2170. Home Depot Cards
  2171. First recruit - many questions
  2172. New consultant called & quit
  2173. Free Newsletter
  2174. So...I got my 1st Recruit...What Next?
  2175. I got my "Fut" on my IPT on CC!! LOL!
  2176. Recruit - My free catalogs
  2177. New way to get recruits...that works!!
  2178. Recruit :)
  2179. I've got my first interview...
  2180. Does anyone have...
  2181. Last night I wore my new PC shirt (love the periwinkle
  2182. Points for new recruits
  2183. Help please!!
  2184. Congratulations Janice/jwpamp ~ Toot toot
  2185. Managing Contacts/Leads etc.
  2186. New Possible Recurit
  2187. Need Postcard Invite for New Recruits Kickoff Show
  2188. How long until PC Dollar are Sent out?
  2189. New Consultant? Maybe?
  2190. How many full time PCers?
  2191. How many full time PCers?
  2192. 10 recruits?
  2193. Who has success with daytime shows?
  2194. I'm waiting for the DIRECTOR call!!!
  2195. New September Future Directors
  2196. Recruiting Bonus?
  2197. Catalog and Online Only
  2198. My First Qualified Recruit!
  2199. New recruiting promotions????
  2200. ? for All Directors or Future Directors
  2201. Is It Too Soon To Sign Someone Now
  2202. Do you think this is Fare?
  2203. Recruiting packet
  2204. I'm just became a FUTURE DIRECTOR too!!!
  2205. I'm a FUTURE DIRECTOR!!
  2206. Individual or Group Training
  2207. Bad Back as the excuse. Whats the answer?
  2208. I learned what NOT to say to a potential recruit!
  2209. 4 pot. recruits but all in the same family!
  2210. Show coming up with 30 people
  2211. Bugger...recruit not going as planned
  2212. Recruiting dilemma!! HELP!
  2213. Did you get the postcard?
  2214. I won't bug you anymore email... Need wording
  2215. How should I respond?
  2216. Overcoming fear of time committment??
  2217. Kit credit?!
  2218. Why Bag
  2219. PC as a full-time job?
  2220. 30 Second Commerical Ideas
  2221. Anything with being a Future Director?
  2222. Recruiting Bonus
  2223. What is your favorite recruiting line?
  2224. What do you put in your recruiting packets?
  2225. My first recruit!
  2226. Recruit does not have computer...
  2227. Hardest thing about PC?
  2228. Need help with entering new recruit!
  2229. Hot recruit scared of PartyLite experience!
  2230. Potential recruit - 3rd shifter
  2231. Step Up To Success....
  2232. Interested but wont commit
  2233. My sister is very interested in starting a PC business, mainly to get
  2234. Can I track my new recruit's Kit?
  2235. Recruiting at shows...
  2236. Empowering Women - which pages do you send?
  2237. Has anyone recruited someone who previously was a PC Consultant?? I
  2238. Recruiting Coupon - need ideas
  2239. Recruit Went Inactive B4 Qualifying
  2240. How do I respond to this? Need suggestions.
  2241. September recruits??
  2242. So Frustrated!
  2243. Shy Cheffers... I need your help!!!
  2244. Only 1 Recruit - what information do you get?
  2245. 7 months, 12 days... :D
  2246. Signed my 1st Recruit!
  2247. They are flaking out on me...
  2248. Anone have the 2005 Cooking Show average from Recruiting Album inserts?
  2249. Where's the flyer called "Need Extra Money?"
  2250. ? on new recruit!!!
  2251. 3 IS FOR ME!!!! Maybe 4?
  2252. Override question
  2253. 2 is for me!
  2254. Will there be a recruit incentive for September?
  2255. HELP!! Meeting with possible recruit tomorrow!!
  2256. How to handle a Possible recuirt if they mark maybe on the DPDS
  2257. Insurance Question
  2258. New Recruit question
  2259. MEGA Show
  2260. MEGA Show
  2261. Colorful Recruit Flyer
  2262. Signed my 6th....
  2263. Question about PC and unemployment
  2264. Recruiting a Guy
  2265. Idea on recruiting from my mom...
  2266. Possible First Recruit
  2267. I have a lead who is considering doing PC or Herbalife. I haven't had
  2268. Information to give to leads
  2269. First Recruit, No Idea
  2270. Interested in the business
  2271. What % Do I Earn?
  2272. Getting them to sign right away...Need suggestions!
  2273. Looking for a director
  2274. Any last words on recruit leads???
  2275. My recruit's recruit...
  2276. Ooh, I'm so close I can taste it!
  2277. Need help signing up...
  2278. Dissatisfied with director
  2279. What are some unexpected bonuses to PC?
  2280. How is PC different from your day job?
  2281. Please Clarify - Start Month?
  2282. Am I over reacting?
  2283. Looking for a director
  2284. Opportunity flyer
  2285. Can two sign up to be consulants as a team?
  2286. Don't know what to do....
  2287. First recruit question
  2288. I need help
  2289. New Recruit - stole her away from....
  2290. TOOT TOOT for a fellow Cheffer
  2291. Need your feedback
  2292. Why Box
  2293. Recruiting objection: no car
  2294. 3 is for me IN ONE NIGHT!!!
  2295. How is PC different/better than CutCo?
  2296. What do you guys put into your recruiting folder?
  2297. The biggest misconception about being a consultant is...
  2298. First Recruit on the "edge"
  2299. Awesome last night!!
  2300. Recruiting Question
  2301. Quick Question!
  2302. What is your response when someone says "No"?
  2303. My First Recruit!!!!
  2304. I need a really quick answer please!!
  2305. Need Hospitality in NC
  2306. I made SS1....Yippie...question though
  2307. Responses to Objections
  2308. Way bummed...
  2309. How do we get our recruits motivated!
  2310. Need an answer for a Potential Recruit
  2311. Promotion Question
  2312. New Recruiting FAQ'S!!!!!!!!
  2313. Anyone had a kit-napper?
  2314. Recruiting Question
  2315. Opinions wanted
  2316. June Recruiting Incentive?
  2317. Need Knowledge!!
  2318. Pampered Chef "Ranks"
  2319. So, what's my status?
  2320. New Recruit
  2321. Great Recruiting Line
  2322. Recruiting made easy from my director!
  2323. I've got a future director question
  2324. First Recruit Interview
  2325. Opportunity Night
  2326. Why bag
  2327. Only one active consultant away!!
  2328. Recruiting & Booking Incentives/Rewards
  2329. Where do I get aStarter Kit Poster?
  2330. Thinking about taking the PC plunge!
  2331. Directorship questions
  2332. New What Can You Get with $100 Flyer
  2333. Flyer with new promotion for recruits.
  2334. I have a recruit interview next week!
  2335. Just got the announcement!!
  2336. Could someone share the recruiting promotion info...
  2337. Help! Recruiting Question
  2338. Home Depot
  2339. I Signed My 5th Last Night!!
  2340. Recruiting Meeting!
  2341. July/Aug recruiting flyer help
  2342. I need your opinion, please...
  2343. Promoting to director...
  2344. My recruiting gift bag-
  2345. Empowering Women Mag
  2346. Homeschool Tips
  2347. Opportunity Night Flyer-what do you think?
  2348. Do I still get the 2,000 points?
  2349. Recruiting Incentive after Conference
  2350. Do you pay shipping when you buy your kit? Thanks!
  2351. Woohoo for me
  2352. Ideas to encourage re-activation
  2353. Need some help
  2354. Who has health insurance from PC?
  2355. What recruiting info do you hand out?
  2356. Kit credit info?
  2357. Did you get the HO e-mail!??!
  2358. So what happens....
  2359. I have a potential recruit!
  2360. How long did it take
  2361. New recruiting idea!!!
  2362. Why 20% commission is enough...
  2363. Joining PC Question
  2364. Will FTC Business Opportunity Rule affect us?
  2365. Hot potato/question game
  2366. Share future plans beyond PC or not??
  2367. I have a kit-napper
  2368. Top 10 reason not to join PC
  2369. Email verbage suggestion for new recruits contacts?
  2370. Calendar question
  2371. Keeping up with recruite
  2372. Waiver for a Super Starter?
  2373. What to do while you wait for your kit document
  2374. Am I a FD or not?
  2375. Is there a recruiting incentive this month?
  2376. I'm Glad You Asked video
  2377. Possible First Recruit
  2378. Recruiting good, bookings bummer
  2379. I have to share this story!
  2380. Free product value toward SS Kit
  2381. Where have you found your recruits?
  2382. Recruiting Organization
  2383. Need Help...
  2384. Recruiting at Fairs and other venues
  2385. Opportunity night
  2386. Signing them up at the show....
  2387. I Did It!! 3 for Me!!
  2388. How do you sign up on hardcopy?
  2389. Training Male Consultants
  2390. Okay here is my loongg story. I signed my first recruit the last part
  2391. June incentive?
  2392. Possible new recruit
  2393. What is your most successful recruiting strategy?
  2394. Possible Recruit is Shy and Afraid to Talk in Front of People...HELP!
  2395. How come I............
  2396. Guess what I just got?
  2397. Ready to Start but...
  2398. Do you have a favorite recruiting one-liner? Ive been trying to get a
  2399. Recruit Commission
  2400. Quick Start Box
  2401. Catalog Consultant...Suggestions?
  2402. Calling people on Sunday, Yes or No?
  2403. Fredricksburg va??
  2404. How long do I wait to follow up?
  2405. When someone takes the Info
  2406. Does HO send an me an email after a recruit signs up under me???
  2407. Super Starter qualify
  2408. Recruiting games
  2409. Recruiting Special during May
  2410. Getting recruits to qualify
  2411. How long before I can submit the C. Agreement?
  2412. First Recruit
  2413. I just lost my downline!
  2414. Recruit wants todays show
  2415. Golden Nest Egg- recruiting idea
  2416. Consultants from Canada?
  2417. First recruit
  2418. "Invitation" to cluster meeting
  2419. LOVE the CDS!
  2420. Once we begin our downline, How much are we supposed to be making
  2421. Show Credit for Starter Kit
  2422. Ok... out of the blue i signed 3 recurits in 2 months and i have had 1
  2423. So close!
  2424. Recruiting Seed during shows
  2425. Potential income
  2426. Closing the Deal?
  2427. Recruiting at your shows
  2428. Can both co-hosts use kit credit?
  2429. Frustrating News!
  2430. Recruiting Brochure
  2431. How long do you actually have to qualify?
  2432. Need Advice!
  2433. Strange request from downline!
  2434. Out of State Recruiting
  2435. Three For ME!
  2436. "Take a Closer Look"
  2437. Was there something more I could've done?
  2438. Very upset!!!
  2439. Inactive with possible recruit
  2440. How young is too young?
  2441. How long????
  2442. Ad in newspaper
  2443. Recruiting and Customer Base Building
  2444. First Recruit Lead!
  2445. Sign on Incentive for April?
  2446. Help! I dont know what I am doing!
  2447. Apron sale doc
  2448. What questions do you ask...
  2449. What do you think is the best part of PC?
  2450. I haven't even recieved my kit yet and I have a friend who is wanting
  2451. Buying the kit just for the stuff
  2452. Can you do
  2453. Buffer month
  2454. Is there a yearly renewal fee?
  2455. How do you find out
  2456. SA Coupon
  2457. Becoming A Pampered Chef Consultant
  2458. Need Hospitality in S.C.
  2459. Do you have to have a pc?
  2460. I was wondering how many receipts come in the new consultant
  2461. Advice for a new "catalogue" recruit?
  2462. To get us all motivated...
  2463. I am ready to take the plunge!! I want to be a consultant!
  2464. Recruiting info
  2465. Door Prize Slip Appears from Nowhere...
  2466. Anyone INterested in Step Up to Director Program together?
  2467. Is it just me?
  2468. Can we Recruit out of this country?
  2469. $$ Towards SS Kit
  2470. Consultant program
  2471. Recruiting Coupon
  2472. A Strange Problem
  2473. Who to sign with?
  2474. Incentive for signing up
  2475. Handling objections? How do YOU handle them?
  2476. Just wanted to share...
  2477. Am I expecting too much?
  2478. Thinking about Starting PC
  2479. Great Idea !!!
  2480. The one thing holding her back...
  2481. Scoop on Recruiting Promo to be announced today!
  2482. Concern for a potential recruit
  2483. The 'Gift'
  2484. Recruiting "Prize" for hostesses
  2485. What to say to someone who's interested in Opp.
  2486. Is there another special for new recruits as of 3/1
  2487. Recruiting "packets"?
  2488. Take 5 idea
  2489. Out of the Blue Recruits!
  2490. First Recruit!!
  2491. Well it finally happened...only took me six months :rolleyes: but I
  2492. Cookware for recruiting
  2493. What to give new consultants
  2494. Realtor ideas
  2495. Starter Month question
  2496. New Recruit Training
  2497. Need a Favor Please!
  2498. Don't know what to do!
  2499. Recruiting Integrity question
  2500. Thinking of Starting PC
  2501. New Recruit need help
  2502. Newbie With Website Question
  2503. Active/inactive status
  2504. I want to Become a Director this year!
  2505. Past Consultant wants to rejoin
  2506. What to give a potential recruit
  2507. Future Director
  2508. Spring Preview invite
  2509. We've shared Goals...now what is the PLAN?
  2510. In search of flyer
  2511. No spousal support
  2512. Talking to potential recruits...nervous!
  2513. When do i get my catalogs?
  2514. New Recruit qualifying points 2006
  2515. Incentive Points for Recruits??
  2516. First Recruit
  2517. 30 second comercial
  2518. Planning promotion to director Place your goals here
  2519. Question about signing a recruit
  2520. What is "THREE FOR ME"?!?!
  2521. SS1 Start Month
  2522. Don't be scared!
  2523. Male consultants,. please respond.
  2524. Host incentive for recruit?
  2525. Been thinking of joining Pampered Chef....
  2526. Make sure you ask EVERYONE, because you won't believ this!
  2527. Script for phone message for potential recruit?
  2528. End of January or Beginning of February?
  2529. 10 Reaons Why I should join Pampered Chef...
  2530. Recruit Packet
  2531. Starter Kit
  2532. New SS Kit
  2533. 5 leads from TONIGHT'S SHOW!!
  2534. How long do you wait to call recruit?
  2535. How do you Help Consultants to Qualify?
  2536. US consultant recruiting someone in Canada?
  2537. Flyer/Invitation ?
  2538. Recruiting Promotion going on?
  2539. Recruiting packet
  2540. Director in Yuma, AZ area
  2541. How do you recruit?
  2542. Need Some Help with Recruiting
  2543. Spanish Fliers For Recruiting??? PLEASE!!
  2544. Must Recruit have a tax id?
  2545. Need clarity on dates
  2546. How do I start recruiting?
  2547. Recruiting Insight of male Hispanic PLEASE
  2548. Need summary of recruiting
  2549. I'm in super starter Month two and have a possible recruit.
  2550. Recruiting Incentive Idea
  2551. New Development
  2552. Recruiting bonus for signing on in Oct1
  2553. Letter to potential recruit
  2554. Out of state recruit
  2555. It's Official!!
  2556. Have interest in possibly joining PC
  2557. So excited! Signing 5th recruit since Conference tomorrow!
  2558. Circle of Honor
  2559. Has anyone had any success with recruiting by placing an ad in the
  2560. This is actually working!
  2561. I am SOOO excited, and nervous
  2562. Is something wrong with me?
  2563. New Recruit moving
  2564. How do you get over feeling "pushy" at shows
  2565. What would you do?
  2566. New Recruit Promo
  2567. TODAY was my recruit's first show
  2568. I know that we are rewarded for bringing people aboard, but I was
  2569. Male Consultant Insite please!
  2570. Ready To Join....I Think??
  2571. PC Website Question ?
  2572. Help Me !! Recruit Special
  2573. Recruiting Flyer
  2574. Bad News/Good News
  2575. Kit credit Question
  2576. Cute Names Everybody has.....
  2577. Using $40 Credit toward Start Up Kit
  2578. Recruiting Question
  2579. 13 responses to this ad!!!
  2580. New PC Consultant
  2581. I need help signing a new recruit
  2582. Becoming a Consultant
  2583. Consultants in United States
  2584. Discounts for Consultants?
  2585. Is PC your only job?
  2586. Thinking about being a consultant ???
  2587. Frequency of Contact?
  2588. Thinking about joining Pampered Chef....
  2589. Need some advice
  2590. Want to Walk at Leadership????
  2591. Changing SS1 to October
  2592. Kit Credit?
  2593. I Should Know This but Im to Lazy to Look it Up....
  2594. Just got email from possible recruit
  2595. How do you offer the business?
  2596. Commission off Recruits?
  2597. Need someone to answer questions
  2598. Need A Response
  2599. Question re Training New Recruits
  2600. Fun Recruiting Game
  2601. Yay! Possible new Recruit!
  2602. New Recruiting Promotion!
  2603. 1 down and the other on the horizon!
  2604. Leadership Seminar Notes from Belinda!
  2605. What to do while waiting for your kit to arrive fliyer/list?
  2606. Future Director, here I come!
  2607. Question about becoming consultant
  2608. Recruiting Album Binder and Inserts...
  2609. My recruit has changed her mind after signing up!
  2610. Just Rec'd My Kit!!!
  2611. Old recruit might join again!
  2612. Potential Recruit Question
  2613. 1st ever Recruitting Interview
  2614. Went out for Sushi and got a recruit!!!
  2615. Qualifing 2 recruits
  2616. Consultant ID Number
  2617. Old Recruit Leads
  2618. Director's Agreement
  2619. Super Starter Month?
  2620. New consultant rose poem
  2621. What else can I do?
  2622. I got my Cons. # TODAY!!!!
  2623. Did This Ever Happen To Anyone !
  2624. Canadian recruit
  2625. Got a Problem with Recruit
  2626. Monthly bonus ???s
  2627. Did anyone earn...
  2628. Finally got a recruit!!!
  2629. New Consultant needs HELP!
  2630. Ughh ! Iam signing a new recruit ! Yeah ! So i have been waiting for
  2631. Recruiting Packet??
  2632. Super Starter Kit
  2633. Another potential recruit...have some ?s
  2634. Need help!
  2635. Recruiting Incentive
  2636. I'm thinking of signing up....
  2637. Potential recruit
  2638. Got a question....
  2639. Recruiting in June
  2640. Monthly Bonus Kits
  2641. I have a question?
  2642. I am so excited!
  2643. Men as Consultants
  2644. Past Host Recruiting Letter
  2645. Ultimate Super Starter Kit
  2646. I'm trying really hard to recruit, I would like to be Future Director
  2647. What should I expect from a consultant that is recruting me.....
  2648. Did you attended National Conf. 2005-Toronto
  2649. Training Super Starters
  2650. Question Re: Catalog for Recruits
  2651. July Recruiting Promotion
  2652. How many points for a new recruit??
  2653. Recruiting at job fairs?
  2654. Possible New Recruit for July
  2655. Possible New Recruit...
  2656. Finding recruits on Chef Success
  2657. July Recruiting
  2658. Knowledge about the biz?
  2659. Consultant Sign-On Bonus
  2660. Did i miss something?
  2661. Where is my starter kit?
  2662. How many times.....
  2663. Wish to become a recruit
  2664. Problem with first recruit
  2665. I did it, I did it
  2666. What do you put in your Recruiting Packets?
  2667. Almost had second recruit...
  2668. Comparing guest vs host vs consultant
  2669. ISO a Business Opportunity Invitation
  2670. Pampered Chef - Is it Flexible?
  2671. Starter Kit
  2672. Party Guest Interested in the Business but...
  2673. June Recruit Announcement
  2674. Help with a potential recruit
  2675. June's recruiting special
  2676. Recruiting Specials?
  2677. Thinking about joining -- Are there too many consultants
  2678. Recruiting...or lack there of...
  2679. Disabled Consultants
  2680. Can you answer this?
  2681. No Soliciting?
  2682. How Many New Recruits?
  2683. Patsy's Recruiting
  2684. My Show Prizes
  2685. It's all about ME!!
  2686. Recruiting One liner
  2687. Breech of contract?
  2688. Follow-up to an Advertisment
  2689. Recruit Thank You Letter?
  2690. What are the benfits of recruiting?
  2691. Goal Setting and recruiting...
  2692. Re-starting the business
  2693. What to do with a maybe?
  2694. Newspaper Advertising for Recruits
  2695. Recruiting Album
  2696. Does anyone combine companies?
  2697. Recruit Lead Follow Up Letter
  2698. Candy Bar Poem
  2699. The Art of Recruiting
  2700. I'm Thinking of Pampered Chef As A Biz...
  2701. What would you do with $1000?
  2702. Recruiting Slump
  2703. Pampered Chef Christmas Story
  2704. Recruiting Raffle
  2705. Maid Incentive
  2706. Letter to New Consultants First Hosts
  2707. Recruiting Phrase
  2708. Plant Recruiting Seed